Charity shop challenge for Venue magazine – part 1

Four people, a selection of day and night outfits each, all sourced from charity shops – impossible you might think…but no, Bristol’s local Charity shops impressed me no end!

With Bristol photographer Matt Collins in toe, Rachel Nott (Folio magazine’s editor) myself and two gorgeous models, spent a Saturday rummaging through the treasures in Oxfam in Clifton, St Peter’s Hospice in Bedminster and Cancer Research UK on Gloucester rd. We spent almost five hours collecting – and trying on of course – clothes and accessories to create fabulous outfits, at bargain prices, to be featured in Venue Magazine.

With many of us having to tighten our purse strings at the moment, it’s the perfect time to show you that looking good doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With a little imagination and a good selection of accessories it’s possible to create some great looks from your local Charity shop.

I love a good rummage and often find little gems from charity shops, flea markets and vintages shops to add uniqueness to my wardrobe, but I must admit, I’ve never tried to create complete outfits using only charity shop items. I was a little apprehensive about how things were going to turn out, but I don’t know what I was worried about, we had that much choice we struggled to decide what to go for!

I had a fantastic time and everyone was so lovely and professional, will be great to do this again if they’re up for the challenge!

You’ll have to wait for part two to see the final looks, but until then here are some behind the scenes shots. The full feature in Venue will be available to purchase on Jan 26th.

All photos courtesy of Matt Collins – www.crushimages.co.uk, matt@crushimages.co.uk, Tel: 07968 062859

Models: Gosha and Giles