Living in India was always going to influence my style choices; I mean how could it not?!   Every day is an assault on the senses.  Colourful concoctions of beautiful beaded saris and bold indo-western fashions hit me on a daily basis, I love it and it’s bound to impact on my own style in some way.

I know I’m not alone, I see many expats over here fully embracing Indian styles, but most of the time, they don’t tweak it to make it work for them and their style, they just copy it. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it doesn’t work for me.  I’ve tried Indian outfits on but I don’t feel like me in them.  I struggle to make the Indian styles mine and find my own style gets lost a little…that is up until a few weeks ago, when it all clicked into place.

Al and I spent the weekend in Wayanad (a beautifully tropical place, in north east Kerala). While we were there we met Rocío and Nando, a couple from Seville who were travelling south India for a few weeks.  One evening, Rocío turned up to the bar wearing a beautiful pair of silk patterned trousers, teamed with a plain vest, denim shirt and leather sandals. It was the perfect mix of Indian and western style…and the inspiration I had been looking for.

Here’s Rocio in another of her beautiful purchases:

I’m still on the lookout for a pair of trousers to rival Rocío’s, but for now I’m making do with this pair I spotted in Zara (yes, the love affair with Zara still goes on).  It’s a very different look for me, but I really like it and they are SOOOOOOO comfortable to wear.  I’m also really impressed with how versatile they are…I’m loving them with neon and studs. Every now and then, I know the time has come for me to develop my style and try something new…so that’s exactly what I did.