Style Studded // MTR, Bangalore

Mavalli Tiffin Room is a Bangalorian institution; It’s an awesome retauraunt near Lalbagh Gardens that serves up the best Dosa’s in the city!  It first opened in 1924 and I don’t think the interior has really changed much since then.  Alex and I had been meaning to visit for months and finally got round to it a couple of weeks ago.  Although it’s most famous for it’s Dosa’s we arrived too late for these so signed up for the Thali lunch instead.  We paid for our meal coupon and had an hour’s wait, so we crossed the road and wondered round Lallbagh Gardnens until our table was ready.  We were so hungry by then, that when we finally sat down and the food started to fill our trays I couldn’t wait for it all to be served before taking photo…this is the best I could do.



It was so tasty, and there was so much food, it just kept coming! We have to go back one morning soon to try their famous Dosa!