Ask Niki // Shirts

Since posting Lou’s lookbook I’ve had lots of emails from you sharing your wish lists with me asking for my help.  I think this is going to be a great feature and am SO excited about pulling together your look books.

This one is for Sarah (go and check out her fabulous blog for all the local fashion news as well as some great outfit posts) she commented below Lou’s lookbook saying “I want to wear more shirts but with, ahem, a larger chest I find it hard to not look ‘mumsy’ in them – any tips?”

I actually hear this a lot! Many women feel that they can’t wear shirts or blouses for fear of looking mumsy in them, but there are quite a few styles out there that are great for you.   The key is to avoid too much detailing around the bust like ruffles and pockets, and anything that is going to make you appear broader like epaulettes and puffy sleeves.

It’s also a good idea to keep a couple of buttons undone at the neckline.  Other than that, opt for fitted styles that highlight your waist and if you want to wear looser styles, make sure you tuck them in, to avoid them swamping you and hiding your frame.


Advice : Shirts For SJP by nikiwhittle featuring topshop

If you have a fashion dilemma that you need a little help with, or fancy getting your own lookbook then email me here!  And if you need a little more help then get in touch here. Niki x