What I Wore // Comercial street, Bangalore, India

I’m heading back to the UK on Saturday and I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!  But before I head back to calm, organised, peaceful Bath I want to soak up as much Bangalore craziness as possible so I don’t forget how awesome it is here.  I’ve mentioned many times before how easy it is for me to forget life in Bangalore and slot back into my routine back at home and while that’s actually a pretty good thing it’s also a shame.  I’ve grown to really love it over here!

One of the best places to head to for a slice of Bangalore life is Commercial Street; I guess it’s what Park Street is to Bristolians – a mix of high-street brands and independent boutiques…only far more hectic, noisy and colourful.  It’s my favourite place to buy bangles and leather sandals and on Saturday, after enjoying a yummy breakfast at a new a new deli on Lavelle Rd, it’s where Al and I headed to soak up the atmosphere and try out some new outfit shots…oh, and I might have bought a few more bangles too.


Top – Warehouse / Necklace – Fab India / Bag – Mulberry / Scarf – Accessorize / Jeans – J Brand / Shoes – Zara

It dawned on me the other day that I’ve been here for well over a year but have failed to make the most of the vibrant scenery here – I mean it could make for some awesome style shots if I get it right, yet I tend stick to the safety of my boring apartment and small balcony! 

Most of the time I enlist Al as my photographer as he’s great at it and makes me feel at ease straight away, but this style of photography is a little different for him (he also had to use my camera as his died a death about a month ago), it’s different for me too; it’s very strange being photographed in such a busy street.  We’re going to experiment some more with outfit photos so if you have any tips or suggestions then I’d love to hear them!