Style Studded // Delhi Style In Bath

I am loving being home!  It’s so easy to forget how fresh the air is and how peaceful it is over here.  I’ve spent the past week or so catching up with friends and family and styling a few clients.  Last time I was home I crammed a ton of clients into a few weeks and quickly regretted that I’d not saved more time for friends and family, so this time I’ve added an extra two weeks to my stint over here and it’s been brilliant, the balance is just right.

The weather was amazing when I landed, warmer than in Bangalore, so I was able to wear some of my summer clothes from India instead of wrapping up in a ridiculous amount of layers to keep warm (as I am right now). 

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you might have noticed that Alex and I went to Delhi last month, it was great to get out of Bangalore and to explore India again as we hadn’t really left Bangalore for the last couple of months thanks to the monsoon and were itching to travel again.

I loved Delhi, especially New Delhi; I found a whole heap of second hand, vintage and independent boutiques, of which there are few in Bangalore.  This cape is one of the items I picked up while we were there…it was actually Alex that spotted it and persuaded me to try it on and I’m so glad he did I love it!  It’s so different to anything else I have and has inspired me to try some new looks.

Cape – T Republic  / Necklace – Warehouse / Bracelet – House of Harlow / Jeans – J brand / Shoes – Zara

I am always encouraging clients to try something new and love witnessing the results, so it’s nice for me to have someone to push me in a different style direction.  I think I’ll have to take Alex shopping with me in the future…he may live to regret spotting this cape.