Horn OK Please

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I’ve started to document my favourite patterns in India, on Instagram. My absolute favourite source of pattern inspiration is the unique hand painted trucks that light up the roads here.

Each truck is unique, some depict their owners life back at home while others
are adorned in the most spectacular patterns and garlands.  Truckers are
on the road for such long periods of time that their trucks become
their home, some owners even describe how they begin to treat them like
their wives…I’ll often see trucks adorned in jewellery and patterns
emulating the beautiful saris and jewels their wives would be wearing
back at home.   They’re moving works of art, each with their own story
to tell.   They’re beautiful.

Photo taken by my Dad

If you’re as fascinated with these beautiful trucks as I am then check out artist Shantanu Sumans documentary film about the truck art of India as well as some of his other projects; Truckopoly and Use Rubber At Night

Check out the trailer below…