What I Wore // Flower Shopping in Indiranagar, Bangalore

I’ve recently started bringing fresh flowers into the apartment every couple of weeks.  Back in the UK I never really bothered and I’m not really sure why not as they’re such a simple way to brighten up a space and they fill the apartment with the most beautiful scent!

I don’t have to go far to buy my flowers here, tiny flower stalls brighten up most of the street corners in Bangalore; they sell a mixture of roses, lilies, jasmine and gladioli, all at bargain prices.  There’s not a huge variety but what they lack in choice, they make up for in quality.

Jasmine is probably my favourite of all the flowers; the smell is gorgeous and lasts for days.  I often see Indian women with lengths of jasmine garlands tied in their hair; it leaves a beautiful trail of jasmine perfume as they walk by. 

Flower market in City Market, Bangalore

Flower market outside City Market in in Bangalore


I’ll often head to City Market in Bangalore to grab fantastic vegetables and can find beautiful flowers there too, but it can sometimes take me about an hour to get there (despite it being relatively close to Frazer Town – that’s traffic in Bangalore for you) if it’s flowers I want, I’ll head to Indranigar which is an easier drive. 

T-shirt – Topshop / Skirt – Whistles / Belt – Topshop / Bangles – Comercial Street and Sunday Soul Sante / Bag – Thailand / Necklace – Little Nell

Indrinagar is one of Bangalore’s quieter suburbs.  It’s full of independent boutiques selling a mix of Indian and Western inspired treasures, there’s a great selection of cafes and restaurants to relax in too.  Al and I were at a loose end a couple of weekends ago so we headed there for the day…and I couldn’t resist picking up some flowers for the apartment.

I’ve mentioned before how I live in maxi skirts over here, well this is another one of my favourites.  I picked it up at Whistles in Clarks Village when I did a style event with them last time I was home.  It was in the sale and the price had been reduced three times, so I couldn’t resist.  I knew I would get a ton of wear out of it…and I wasn’t wrong.  I think it’s probably become my most worn item!  I wouldn’t normally wear such a strappy top in Bangalore, but Indrinagar is one of the more cosmopolitan neighborhoods in the city so it’s a bit more acceptable – although I did have a scarf with me to throw over my shoulders if I wanted to.

It feels really strange posting these pictures when back at home in the UK it’s the middle of winter and about 10 degrees, but this is my winter…it’s 13th December and it’s 28 degrees here.  It’s amazing but I can’t help wishing I was back at home enjoying the pre-Christmas celebrations with my friends and family.