If you’re a regular reader then you’ll know that Al and I spent Christmas in Hong Kong.  We knew that Christmas wouldn’t be the same being so far from home, and most of our friends in India were either heading home or traveling so we decided to celebrate Christmas somewhere else.  And why Hong Kong?  Well, it’s somewhere we’ve talked about vising for some time now and it’s only a 6 hour flight from Bangalore so it makes sense to do it while we’re still here. It’s also where my parents met over 30 years ago so yes, when they were both working there. I was keen to see this place!

I really liked Hong Kong, it reminded me of New York in a way, but had a big dose of foreignness to it which I LOVE.  I had pretty high expectations of Hong Kong having spoken to friends who had been and loved it, some even said that they’d live there in a heartbeat if they could.   Well, what can I say, we loved it too.  We wouldn’t live there in a heartbeat (home is calling me too much) but I have to agree it’s a pretty cool place to live.

The thing that struck me the most is how blooming organised it is.  It’s ridiculously so!  I’ve never experienced anywhere that’s as easy to get around as Hong Kong is – there’s even an escalator that takes you from the bottom of Hong Kong Island in Central, right up through Soho enabling you to travel the 800 meters of steep hills, getting on and off where you like – I mean, come on!  How cool is that?!  I realise that I’ve been living in Bangalore for nearly two years now so I’m bound to be impressed by somewhere that’s totally nailed it’s infrastructure but I’m convinced I’d feel the same if I’d traveled from the UK.   So, apart from the cleanliness and organisation; the immense choice of cuisines to feast on, bars to drink at, shops to explore and mountains to climb, make this a pretty awesome place.

Hau Fook Street, Tsim Sha Tsui on Christmas Eve.
Cat Street
The Dragons Back walk to Shek O on Boxing Day

Hong Kong and Kowloon from The Peak

Reclamation Street, food market
Incense burning in Man Mo Temple complex

Hong Kong’s famous egg waffle
Jade Market



The Mira – TST, Kowloon.  A high-tech hotel in a great location within easy reach of the metro.  The best thing about the hotel was the Samsung we were given with free unlimited international and local calls as well as Wi-Fi connectivity during our stay.  It was BRILLIANT for finding our way around Hong Kong


Pure Vegie House at the bottom of the Peak – hard to find but fantastic vegetarian food!
Din Thai Fung, Causeway Bay– for the BEST Dim Sum.
Caterking Dim Sum – Kowloon
Brickhouse, Central, Hong Kong – this Mexican restaurant was ridiculously hard to find but the food and ambiance was awesome. Wanted to go back a second time but ran out of time.
KENJO, Tsim Sha Tsui – This place was so authentic and served fantastic Japanese food.
The Peak Café Bar – for Mulled Wine.
Hong Kong Egg Waffle stand on Nathan Rd – the Famous Hong Kong egg waffle which sounds horrid but is delicious!  


Hong Kong was super expensive and a bit of a shock after living in India for two years.  The streets and malls (of which there are many) are filled with shops selling designer wares but if like me, you’re looking for something a little more affordable or like to rummage for a gem, then head to:

Vintage HK and Select 18 for vintage clothes and accessories
Cat Street for antiques (some fake) and bric-a-brac
Reclamation Street for food
Temple Market for souvenirs
Soho for independent arty shops and galleries


Soho was one of my favourite places to walk around (or you can just hop on the midlevel escalator if you’re not up for climbing the hills)
Flower market – go early!
Shek O beach and the dragons back walk – the views were stunning, even if the weather was a little foggy.
The Peak for sunset
Man Mo Temple complex, Hollywood Road – the burning incense is overwhelming!!
TST, Kowloon on Christmas Eve – it was closed to traffic and full of people walking around soaking up the atmosphere, eating and drinking.


Have you been you Hong Kong?  Share your favourite things to do and places to visit below!



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