Weekend Style Guide // Stylish Comfy Casual Clothing

I was chatting to Naomi yesterday and the conversation invariably came round to the weather (we’re Bristish, complaining about the weather is what we do best!) she was saying that it’s been so miserable lately that she can barely bring herself to leave the house!  My bet is that she’s not alone, am I right? So this weekend’s style guide showcases the cosiest, warmest, casual clothing and accessories that are stylish to boot!


I don’t miss the grey dank days back at home as I am always cold, but that’s partly due to not having the right clothing.   Al will tell you that I’ll choose my leather jacket over my walking coat anyday and then complain of being cold…what did I expect?!  I love the leopard print trainers and the cape the most and can see them being really useful items to face the British winter in, how about you?  What’s your favourite thing to keep warm in?