What I Wore // Gujarati Sunset

One of the places I really didn’t want to leave India without visiting was Gujarat, its reputation for producing exquisite hand crafted textiles and embroidery put it firmly at the top of my list of must see places in India.  But with our time in India slowly coming to an end I was starting to worry that we wouldn’t make it there.  Thankfully we managed to take some time off last weekend so flew to Bhuj and travelled out into the desert to see some of the local tribes and villages.  We only had five days and I think that both of us wish we could have stayed a little longer and explored some other parts of Gujarat too, but work commitments put a stop to that so we got up for sunrise every day and packed full the little time we had.

I’m not a morning person. In fact, if I could get up late and work into the wee hours of the morning I would, that’s just how my body clock seems to be set.  It takes some real strength for me to get up really early, but when I do make the effort to rise with the sun and am rewarded with the most beautiful light I ask myself why we don’t do it more!

The sunrise over the desert was spectacular but I was surprised how chilly it was first thing in the
morning.  In fact it didn’t really start to warm up until around 11am
so I was glad that I’d packed my warm wrap and jeans. 

My wardrobe in
Bangalore doesn’t change very much as there isn’t really much
difference between the seasons.   I miss the variety in my wardrobe
that the changing weather brings, so I love it when I have the
opportunity to wear something different.

I bought this wrap from Warehouse when I was home last, my mum was with me at the time and I think she though I was mad – why would I need something like that in
India? But it’s been so useful for travelling!

Once the sun was up and we’d taken endless photographs of it rising that probably all look the same, we headed back to our accomodation for steaming hot Chai before starting the day.

I loved Gujarat and have sooooooooooooooooo many photos of the beautiful tribal women and their immaculate homes, so will share more with you in a travel post soon.  Have a great week!