Travel // Dubai

I’ll be honest, Dubai was never on my list of places to visit.   I wasn’t interested in spending my days walking through countless shopping malls and eating over priced food, but our flights to and from the UK always go through Dubai, and we had friends who thought it was a great place to visit, so we decided to stop off for a long weekend on route back to Bangalore, to check it out for ourselves.

I must say, it was better than I had expected.  We did spend a few hours in Dubai’s largest shopping mall – there’s a giant, floor to ceiling fish tank inside, that I had to see for myself – but the rest of the time we explored the old town, and the creek, and we even spent a few hours at the beach.  The wealth and cleanliness of the city was a stark contrast to Bangalore and I enjoyed experiencing something so different for a few days.

We only spent three days in Dubai which was plenty of time to explore the city, however it didn’t give us enough time to head out into the desert, which is one of the things I regret not doing, so I’d recommend 4-5 days for a visit to Dubai.




Holiday Inn – It was nothing special but it was clean and modern and worked for our small budget.


Wafi for delicious Lebanese food overlooking the Dubai fountains.
Cafe Arabesque  – sit on the terrace, overlooking the creek.


Grab a cocktail and a bean bag, and watch a movie on the roof of Wafi Mall
Go up the Burj Kalifa at sunset and see the Dubai lights come on
Visit the Dubai Museum

Spend an afternoon on the beach – if you intend to wear nothing more than a bikini, make sure you pick a beach that allows you to.  Some of the beaches have a strict dress code!
Wander around the Dubai Mall – It’s huge and there’s even a floor to ceiling fish tank in there!
Stroll around Dubai old town and the souks
Visit the creek


It’s advisable to respect the local customs in Dubai, and wear clothing that doesn’t expose too much skin.  There were women walking around in very little but I witnessed the lack of respect that this brought.  I wore these harem pants or maxi skirts, and had a scarf with me at all times so I could cover my shoulders if I needed to.