Weekend Style Guide // Wearing Shapeless Dresses

Trapeeze dresses, tunics, boxy shifts and shapeless column maxis can be so unflattering especially if they’re the wrong shape for you.   Lauren posted a photo of herself wearing an emerald green shift dress earlier in the week that I thought she looked lovely in, but she commented on it saying ‘shift dresses make me look shapeless. How do people make them look flattering?’ It got me thinking; is this something that you find too?

There are lots of pretty, but shapeless dresses popping up on the high-street at the moment but it occurred to me that some of you might not find them the easiest item to wear.  So in bid to change that, this weekend’s style guide highlights my favourite styles out there at the moment and shares a few great ways to wear them, as illustrated by some brilliant fashion bloggers.


I love the black and white tunic by Indian designer, Payal Singhal.  I think I’d wear it a la Sarah from Raving Fashionista with a pair of statement heels. 

Stylish shift wearers
Carrie / Sarah / Catherine / Jen / Camilla

How about you, what do you think about shapeless styles?  Do you feel good in them or do you avoid them for fear of looking frumpy?  How do you make them more flattering??


After I posted last week’s Style Guide Sarah tweeted me asking for some suggestions for belts so below are a few that I think would be good.  You’ll need to bear in mind the shape of the dress when choosing a belt.   If it’s quite voluminous then a wide belt really won’t work, as there will be far too much fabric in the way.  A narrow one will be much better.  Also think about where the belt should sit, if you’re hippy then wearing a belt across your hips will highlight them, it might be better to shift it up to around your waist.

Belt it

If you’re not sure about the belt (some shapeless dresses just won’t work with them) but still feel you want to try and add some shape then go for a statement necklace one that will draw the eye down, flatten the fabric a little and elongate then neckline.  Try these:

Decorate it

You’ll just have to have a play around really, some body shapes (such as pears) will look great in a shapeless shift without any accessorising, others like hourglass and apples will probably feel they need to add some shape.

I hope that helps!