Alex and I went to Delhi for the first time last August, Alex had to visit for work so we took the opportunity to extend the trip and turn it into a weekend away. 

The first thing we noticed straight away was how good the roads are!  I know it seems like a weird thing to get excited about but if you’ve ever driven on Bangalore’s roads you’ll know what I’m talking about.  Bangalore has the WORST infrastructure I’ve ever seen.  The roads are always congested and there are more potholes than there are actual road, and the pavements…well it’s often safer to walk on the road. Unlike Bangalore, Delhi has a pretty decent infrastructure.  It also seems cleaner and a little more cosmopolitan.  Bangalore’s charms are its laid back nature, its beautiful old bungalows and its perfect climate. 

Delhi, actually reminded me a little of Bristol; on the surface it’s TOTALLY different, but when you start to explore a little you realize it’s essentially made up of a number of small village type areas each with their own feel.  There’s leafy Hauz Khas Village with its old monuments and quaint cafes, Sharpur Jat crammed with little cafes and independent boutiques and then there’s Chandni Chowk a bustling maze of narrow alley ways home to tiny shops selling pretty much anything you could ever need.

And when you need to take a break from the noisy, busy streets, Delhi also has some beautiful parks to stroll around and unwind in.

Lodhi Gardens

The Red Fort

Hitching a free ride

Hauz Khas Village

India Gate at night
Vintage shop in Hauz Khas Village

Vintage shop in Sharpur Jat
Vintage shop in Sharpur Jat

ITC Maurya New Delhi– a nice hotel that has recently been renovated…we were lucky enough to stay in one of the new rooms and it was great.


Moti Mahal – They serve the BEST Butter Chicken curry.
Gunpowder – for great views over leafy Hauz Khas Village
Bukhara in the ITC Maurya –  tasty north Indian food, but over priced.
Lodhi, The Garden Restaurant – pepperd with fairy lights and coloured lanterns it’s a beautiful place to spend the evening.


Shop the the vintage shops in Sharpur Jat – Les Parisiennes and House of Blondie were my favourite.
Wander Khan Market for handi crafts, fashion and homewhere at up market boutiques like Good earth, Fabindia and Anokhi
Visit the Jain Temple and the Bird hospital
Visit the Sikh Temple
Walk around Lodhi Gardens
India Gate – Take a stroll at night time to see all the street sellers
The Red Fort


As usual, I kept things simple and stuck with my tried and tested maxi skirt and loose vest. The scarf an essential item for exploring temples and monuments as often you’re required to cover your arms.

Have you been to Delhi?  Share you’re favourite things to do in Delhi, in the comments below!