India to the USA

Well hello!  How are you?? 

It’s been a very long time since I last posted here – the last time I wrote anything, I was back in the UK immersed in my business and styling my UK clients.  That was over 2 months ago, 2 MONTHS!!

So much has happened in that time, I don’t really know where to start so I’ll try and sum it up in one sentence…we packed up and left India for good, flew to the UK for a couple of weeks and are now in Pittsburgh in the US where we’ll be settling for a couple of years.  WHAAAAAAAAAAA!!  See, I told you a lot had happened!    It’s been a stressful old time, mainly due to the fact that we didn’t know where we were going to be heading until 3 weeks before we had to leave India.

Moving from India to the US couldn’t have been a bigger jump.  The countries are poles apart and I feel so far away from the craziness that I was honoured to call home for over two years.  It is going to take some serious adjusting living here but I know we’ll be just fine; as long as Al and I are together, we can make anywhere feel like home.

When we first moved to India, I was convinced that we would move back to Bristol, I think we both were.  We never saw ourselves on the expat trail, moving from country to country.  One of the main reasons we decided to live and work in India was to save money so we could afford to come home and buy our own house.  But as opportunities arise you have decisions to make.  Are you gonna grab them and take see where they take you, or let them pass you by and spend years thinking ‘what if’?  It’s super scary but it’s worth grabbing them!  If it doesn’t go as you’d hoped, at least you tried it right?  Well that’s what we thought.  So here we are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, trying something new.

I’ve not really known where to start writing about this, or even how I’ve felt about it (If I’m honest, I still don’t…it’s all still a blur).  I’m not really too sure what’s in store for me over the coming months, but I won’t sit here and do nothing.  India reminded me daily that we are SO lucky to have the opportunities that we have over here, and if you don’t see them right away?  Go out and find them.

Ahhhh, India…I MISS YOU!

I miss these views

I miss mountain biking in the local villages and finding beautiful temples

I miss the beautiful hand painted trucks
I miss crafting with these amazing kids

I miss the markets

I miss how beautiful India looks at night
I miss sunsets on the beach

I miss the pattern that’s everywhere!

I absolutely loved living there; it’s such a special place that will
always hold a special place in my heart.  I know we will return one
day.  We have to.  But now I’m ready to welcome in the next chapter of
our lives and to explore another part of the world with my favourite person.