Brit Style

I love all things British when I’m away and find myself comparing the way things are done overseas with how we do them back home (our way is better…most of the time). One of the things I can’t help constantly comparing is fashion and style, I’m always on the lookout for inspiration and being able to experience different cultures first hand has been a fantastic addition to my styling business.

India was rich with colour and pattern and the saris just took my breath away.  Indian women truly are masters of colour and pattern mixing!  As for the US, well I’ve only been in Pittsburgh for a few weeks, so I haven’t had much of a chance explore all the different areas and to take in the local style yet, but from what I’ve seen so far it’s super relaxed.  There’s a boho vibe which I love, and they’ve totally nailed the sport-lux look.  

All these influences work their way into my wardrobe in one way or another, but I will always think our Brit style is the best.  I love our sense of style (maybe not so much, the Kate Middle-of–the-road look, although she does do polished very well and champions our British designers and fashion retailers) there’s not one uniform style, we embrace all looks.  British style is eclectic – it’s a quirky, edgy, classic with a twist, pushing the boundaries, pretty much anything goes, mix it up, kinda style.

We’re not afraid of bold quirky prints and won’t batter an eye lid at someone wearing three of them at once.  We can rock a neat two piece, totally wear ballerina pumps with everything, and look super stylish in a pair of wellies.  We can do it all.  I love our style and right now I’m loving these totally British pieces.

Brit Hot