Last year we spent Christmas in Hong Kong, the year before that we spent it in India. This year we’re in America, well Chicago to more precise!

We’re road tripping it over to Chicago on Christmas Eve to spend Christmas with friends and (I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!) my sister and her husband,  WHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s an 8 hour drive so I’ve been buying up snacky treats for the journey and have almost finished a roadtrip playlist…any suggestions?

Pittsburgh flicked the Christmas switch on as soon as Halloween finished, and since then things have just got more and more festive.  I’ve been making the most of the USA’s full on Christmas spirit as I struggled to get in the festive mood in India.   Our tree went up at the beginning of December, we drove to Trax Farm to cut it down ourselves and then spent the afternoon decorating the tree and apartment while listening to Christmas tunes and drinking Festive Ale (America does festive ales SO well!). 

We collected a few Christmas decorations while we travelled in and around India so our apartment is a bit of a mish mash of eastern and western traditions, but I love that!

At the weekend we headed Down Town to see the Christmas lights and market. The market’s only small but I loved the little stalls selling Russian dolls and glass decorations. 

 I’m becoming a master at layering, it’s the best way to face the cold! Flannel shirts have become my wardrobe staple this season; they layer under and over knitwear, look ace with a leather skirt and are perfect with ponte trousers.

Does anyone have any tips for photographing outfits at night? These aren’t bad but I wish they were sharper.

I’ve scheduled a couple of posts to upload over the holidays, but things will be a little quieter than normal over here until after the New Year.  If you want to see what we get up to then I’m sure I’ll be posting lots to Instagram!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year!!