Last week I reorganized my Feedly account and deleted a few of the style and fashion blogs that I used to follow.  I’ve found myself getting bored with their apparent need to buy and showcase new purchases every week.  I can’t relate to that and am not interested in it either.   I’ve realized that I am far more interested in and inspired by bloggers who work with what they already have, and make considered purchases…maybe I’m getting old?  I don’t know. 

I don’t have big a budget to spend on clothes, and as my wardrobe is a pretty average size I have to be as creative as possible with what I have.  I don’t actually mind this, as boring as it may sound – I like the challenge of building a hard working collection of clothes that I can play around with and pull a ton of different looks from. 

As you know, I have uploaded the occasional outfit post to my blog, and the intention with these has always been to illustrate how I pull together a variety of looks from my capsule collection of clothes.  But I’ve been wondering lately whether randomly uploading an outfit post ‘now and then’ really does this at all. 

So I’ve decided to trial a new fortnightly series on here that I hope will illustrate this better: Weekday / Weekend / Wow, in which I’ll pick an item from my wardrobe and show you how I wear it (yes, you’ve guessed it) in the week, at the weekend, and for a night out (…Wow-ing).  It’s not revolutionary but I hope that it will demonstrate that you don’t need to purchase new clothes each week to create lots of looks…I’m also hoping that it will encourage me to look at my closet with fresh eyes.

So here’s the first – Faux leather trousers.  Because a couple of people tweeted asking how to wear them and because they’re my current favorite.


1 item 3 ways  //  Flannel Shirt
Style Studded : Hot Metal
1 item 3 ways  //  Sleeveless Knitwear

I’m really keen to fill my blog with posts that you guys want to read, so I’d be interested to hear what you think about this idea…or to hear any suggestions you might have!  Also, if there is something in your wardrobe that you’d like help styling then tweet me, write on my facebook wall, message me, or comment below, and I’ll do a Weekday / Weekend  / Wow, post for you!



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