I’m super excited to announce that I’ve added a new service to my styling business and I now offer Virtual Styling!

Illustration by Naomi Designs

 The top priority for me while I live abroad, is being accessible to my clients in the UK.  I’ve built up a loyal client base that continues to grow, but because I’m only back in the UK for a few weeks each season, I often have more clients to see than I have time for.    To overcome this, I started offering clients online styling in the interim until I could style them in person.  It ended up working so well that after months of planning and prepping, I’m now excited to be able to offer Virtual Styling to everyone!

I offer three packages that each come with your very own personalized look-book, with links for direct purchase, tips on styling your new items and suggestions on how you might integrate them into your current wardrobe.   Head over to my website to find out more.

Traveling the world has been a fantastic experience and has enabled me to grow my business in ways I don’t think I would have considered had I stayed in the UK.  Change is hard, it’s frustrating and it’s also pretty scary, but it’s also an amazing opportunity to develop and try new things!

While we’re on the subject of growing my business and trying new things, I’m also in the process of launching my own scarf collection inspired by my travels, so watch this space or head over to Instagram to see a few sneak peek.

Have a great week!