Wow, it’s been a busy month!  We started the month exploring the incredibly beautiful National Parks in Utah (more on that to come, in another post) then two weeks later we headed to Seattle for a long weekend (ditto).  I wrote my first (paid for!!) fashion feature for local magazine Table, and my #stylishpittsburgh project really took off, culminating in this proclamation!  Oh and we fly back to the UK this week for two more weddings…in fact by the time you read this we’ll have been to one (our friends Jane and Gav’s), Al will be back in Pittsburgh and I’ll be heading to Matlock in the beautiful Peak District, to see my sister before heading back down south for the last wedding this year.  Phew! I’m tired just thinking about all this!

Anyway, on to the dress.  This is the one I wore for the proclamation…and for Stylish Pittsburgh Day.  It’s from All Saints, which is a brand I love, but that I rarely find fits me very well.  I don’t think they design for pear shapes.  Anyway, regardless, this dress seems to fit me pretty well.  I love its Vivienne Westwood esqu look and it’s so comfortable to wear, which I find is becoming more and more important to me.

 After the proclamation, I headed to No.14 Boutique
to meet and photograph, owner  Brianne for an interview we’ve done for
the #stylishpittsburgh feature on the blog.  I didn’t have much time to
change so instead, I swapped the heels for my old faithful Zara flats
and changed up the belt.

 I actually struggled to pull together a third look with this dress, I
tried wearing a skirt on top of it which looked great from the front
but the belt around the back just looked odd.  So instead I threw this
kimono from India over it.  I think it works quite well, and it’s
definitely not something I’d have tried had I not challenged myself to
pull together three different looks!

How good is it when you find a surprise outfit in your wardrobe!