I’d been wanting to interview Mandy for this series, for a while.  I actually started following her blog before we moved to Pittsburgh (she has such a confident sense of style, which I love) so I was over the moon when she agreed to meet up and be interviewed!

We met in Jitters Café in Shadyside, and bonded instantly over a love of travel, Indian jewelry, and a shared dream to buy an old RV and travel the USA.  Actually, I say a shared dream, but Mandy and her husband already do it for real.  Every winter they hire an RV and escape Pittsburgh for a couple of months, and next year they’re buying their own and will be gone for a whole year.  Amazing!  Although I’m a little disappointed that she’ll be gone for so long. 

She originally worked for Modcloth (have I mentioned they started in Pittsburgh?!) but she left to set up her own business as full time wedding and portrait photographer and has never looked back!  She works with couples who are looking for something a little different from the norm, something original, and her latest venture is photographing elopements.  Mandy and the bride and groom are the only people there, and it’s her job to capture the special day for the couples friends and family back home.  It’s such an intimate occasion that she says she feels truly honored to be a part of.  I can’t imagine a better person than Mandy to do this, she’s warm, friendly, confident and super talented!

It was a pleasure to meet Mandy, I love meeting people who follow their dreams.  It’s so inspiring!  To find out more about her, her blog, and what she thinks of Pittsburgh, read our interview below!

Tell me a little about yourself.  I am a creative type. I find myself starting new projects all the time.

But first and foremost I am a photographer and photographing stylish weddings is my full time job. I am married to an awesome app developer, with three pets, currently residing in Shadyside. We spend our winters in a pop-up camper traveling the U.S.

How long have you been in Pittsburgh and what do you think makes it a great city to live in?

I have been in Pittsburgh for 10 years now, it is so refreshing to see this city become something truly remarkable. I love seeing all of the new shops and restaurants pop up. The food scene is really blowing my mind right now.

How would you describe Pittsburgh’s style, and how do you think it’s evolved over the recent years? 

 Pittsburgh’s style has changed so much since I moved here. I came from a place that was a bit more forward thinking, so when I moved here it was interesting seeing the style and how it differed. But that has changed so much and I am so inspired with Pittsburgh style these days, grunge looks good on the ‘burgh.

Describe your own personal style and why it works for you.

My style is constantly evolving, I get bored easily with a specific style so I stay away from that. It works for me because I am constantly evolving too.

What or who inspires your style?

Travel really inspires me. Kuchi nomads, Spain, and street style blogs.

Where do you head to when shopping for clothes? Do you have any favorite local boutiques that you head to again and again?

I have yet to find stylish boutiques that also have a lot of options in larger sizes, but I am huge thrift shopper.

What’s your most treasured item in your closet?

A huge gold scarf I got while exploring Madrid.

You started your blog, The Curvy Blogger, back in 2009.  Tell me a little about your blog, what inspired you to start it and how it’s evolved over the years. 

 I started my blog to complain about the lack of fashion in larger sizes. It slowly transformed into a style inspiration site, becoming a “famous blogger” has never been on my agenda, so I have always spoke my mind.


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