Moving to the USA came with the proviso that we would travel as much as possible.  We traveled pretty much every month when we lived in India (and sometimes more frequently) and while we haven’t been able to keep that up here, we’ve definitely made the most of our time off…and Alex’s work trips.  One of the places we visited recently was Seattle.  It wasn’t on our list of places to visit but so many people I talked to, named it as one of their favorite cities, so when a work trip took Al to the motherland of grunge, we decided to take an extended weekend and see what all the fuss was about!

We flew to Seattle direct from Pittsburgh (which you’ll appreciate, if you live in Pittsburgh) and spent a long weekend Downtown before heading to Bellevue just outside the city, where Al’s office is situated.  We both really liked Seattle, it has a grittiness and a realness akin to Pittsburgh that we immediately warmed to, and the food and drink options were endless!  I always do a ton of research before we go on vacation and like to make a note of the restaurants and bars that look good so we don’t waste time trying to decide where to eat…and my list for Seattle was the longest yet!

I was in my teens in the 90’s and it’s safe to say that Grunge was (and still is for that matter) one of my favorite genres of music, so as well as eating and drinking lots, I was keen to see some of the neighborhoods and bars that were big back in then.  We pretty much ate, drank our way around as many neighborhoods as we could fit into our weekend, before heading to Bellevue for the remainder of the trip.

Pike Place market

The Needle and the EMP Building

Gas works Park

Chewing-gum wall

Pike place market

Beer in Shorty’s

Seattle great wheel

Beach in Bellevue


In Seattle, we stayed in this cute little Airbnb apartment
In Bellevue we were in the Hyatt


Lowells for fish and chips and a smoked salmon Bloody Mary
Tea Republik
Bimbos Cantina for Margareta’s and fantastic Mexican food!
Revolve bar We loved this place, the wall behind the bar is a solid wall of vinyl – pick an album, grab a drink, sit back and enjoy!
Kimchi bistro A hole in the wall restaurant that serves brilliant Korean food!
Macrina Bakery for breakfast
Top Pot Doughnuts
Cafe 56 for oysters
Din Tai Fung for Dim Sum!  We couldn’t believe we found this restaurant – we first went to it when we were in Hong Kong and were blown away by how good the food was!
Shorty’s for pinball and beer
The Pike Brewing Company
Harbor Inn For drinks on Bainbridge Island


Pike Place Market
Capitol hill
EMP Museum
Take a boat to Bainbridge island
Relax on one of the secluded beaches in Bellevue
Explore Fremont and peruse the outdoor market and vintage shops.
Gas Works Park