I’ve not been feeling myself this last week. It’s typical, just when I think I’m settling and fitting in, something happens that knocks me back a few months.  I’ve missed home terribly this week, but thankfully I have friends to cheer me up, and I have Skype – where would I be without Skype!?   Home might be over 3 thousand miles away, but after a good old natter over a cuppa (or glass of wine) with my favorite people back home, they don’t feel quite so far away.

It’s so easy for me to wallow in my apartment when I feel like this but I know it doesn’t help and just makes me feel worse.   So instead I pick myself up, give myself a good talking to, pop on an outfit that makes me feel great and on head out.  This dress is one of the pieces I’ve reached for a couple of times this week, and it’s worked a treat. It’s an old favourite, (like so many of my clothes) and I find myself reaching for it again and again. I love how versatile it is and how it transcends the seasons. It looks just as at home on a hot summer’s day as it does when it’s grey and miserable outside.

For the first look I’m wearing it with a black skirt underneath to make it less see through and give it more shape. The dress comes with a tight, short black slip that sits a few inches above my knee, but removing this gives me a little more freedom to play around with the proportions a little.

I really like the combination of a dress worn over trousers, but because I’m only 5ft 4 I find that the look can swamp me a little too much. To combat this, I’ll wear a sheer dress over tighter fitting pants and if it has buttons, I’ll undo some of them as I find it elongates my legs a little.  I’d like to wear this dress completely open, like a long line waistcoat (vest), but the waist is elasticated so it doesn’t sit quite right.

I think my favorite way to wear this dress is with bare legs as it highlights its sheer fabric. I’m not one for dainty strappy shoes, I feel far too fancy in them! I much prefer something a little heavier, besides my feet are so narrow that anything strappy doesn’t tend to fit me very well anyway.  These boots are my current favorites, they are really comfortable and they fit my feet SO well.  I’m chuffed that lace up boots are a thing this season!

How do you pick yourself up when you’re feeling down?  Do you have a few outfits that you know make you feel great when you’re feeling flat?