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September 6, 2022

I had to think a while before deciding to post this 3 ways to wear.  Not because I don’t like it, or I thought you might not.  But because for the first time ever, I questioned whether I was too old for an item of clothing.  Yes, I questioned the age appropriateness of my outfit.

I turn 36 in a couple of months.   I know, I know – 36 isn’t old.  My Granny turns 100 this year so I really can’t sit here and complain of feeling old, but when it comes to fashion and style blogging I’m definitely in the minority, age wise, and, well, that makes me feel old. 

But so what?   I may be older, but I’m now more comfortable and confident in my style than I’ve ever been.  I know what I like, I know what works for my shape (and what really doesn’t) and I know how to combine this to create my style.  So I quickly reminded myself of that, and hit ‘publish’.

Skirt – Topshop // T-shirt – Shop Juju // Boots – Aldo // Ring – The Rogue and the Wolf

I ♥ Iron Maiden.  I’ve seen them live.  They were incredible.  I didn’t buy this shirt at that concert, Leslie pulled it out form the rails in her soon to be opened store a few days ago saying “You’ll love this, Niki!” and she was right.  I have always loved wearing band t-shirts with feminine pieces, I like the contrast and it’s much more flattering on my shape than wearing them with boyfriend jeans.  This skirt is pretty short so I never wear it with bare legs (that’s a look my 20something-self could have worn if only she’d been more confident!), instead I wear black opaques, and here I’m wearing a slightly heeled boot which helps to lengthen my leg without looking too tarty.

Skirt – Topshop // Sweater – Free People // Gloves – John Lewis // Hat – French Grey

I find that if I wear this skirt with tighter tops or styles that narrow my shoulders, it isn’t as flattering. This slouchy sweater adds the volume I need with a skirt this shape, but to avoid it swamping me I loosely tuck the front in to the skirt – this is a trick I’ve learned to do with most over-sized tops that that need a little shape or that hit me at the wrong point (i.e right across my hips), and it always amazes my clients when I show them the difference it makes to their unflattering top.

Skirt – Topshop // Sweater – Urban Outfitters // Leather jacket – Whistles // Scarf – Zara // Bag – Zatchels // Shoes – KG

In this third look, I’ve mixed two of my favorites – leather and leopard print.  It never fails to make me happy!  The black tights and boots lengthen my legs a little and the plaid scarf adds a little pop of red which works well with my skin tone.


Have you ever questioned the age appropriateness of one of your own outfits?   And if so, what was it that made you question it??

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