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September 7, 2022


Winter offers me the opportunity to layer, and I love to layer as it opens up a huge range of possibilities with my collection of clothes.   The problem with layering is that it can sometimes look bulky, scruffy and unflattering, and often feels uncomfortable too.  This is where vests and sleeveless knitwear come into their own.  They keep your core warm and enable you to layer multiple items in a more polished and flattering way.  They also eliminate that annoying sleeves-bunched-halfway-up-your-arm thing that happens all too often when layering.

So with that in mind, it should come as no surprise to you that this vest has been one of my best purchases this season. It’s ridiculously versatile (it seems there is little in my closet that it doesn’t go with!) it’s successfully updated some of my tired looks, and it’s made layering an absolute breeze.

I’ll admit, it took me a while to find a vest that I felt would work with my shape as
most of the styles I saw were quite loose, or had more of a cocoon
shape (both of which do nothing for my pear shape), but I”m glad I held out.  My shape benefits from from a
neater fit and a style that broadens my shoulders, and this vest ticks
both those boxes!


This first look is an example of how one item can update a classic sweater and jeans combo.  I
love how the added structure gives the illusion of a slimmer figure and highlights my waist a little.

This second outfit was born out of a need for an extra layer on a date
night with Al.  A tailored jacket is an obvious choice, but I feel too
formal in  jackets outside of work.   Another option would have been a
cardigan, but I find they hide the shape of the dress and have a
tendency to look mumsy.  The vest however, is perfect.  The slight shape
in the waist compliments the shape of the dress and the length is spot
on too.

I love wearing black, I always have and I always will.  But, as I mentioned here,
an outfit can look rather flat when the textures and tones are all the
same.  So to combat that I’ll combine a mixture of textures, tones and layers
to create interest in an otherwise plain outfit.  This outfit is a great example of that!


Dress – Oasis / Vest – Zara / Best – Topshop / Ring – India / Bag – Ruhling Woven / Shoes – Moda in Pelle


Sweater – Kristi Boutique / Jeans – Levis / Vest – Zara / Boots – Aldo / Bag – Zatchels


Shirt – Gap / Vest – Zara / Leather Jacket – Whistles / Jeans – Paige / Ring – Frost Finery

These three looks are my current favorite ways to wear this vest, but I
can assure you that there will be more favorites next week…and that
this isn’t the last time you’re going to see it featured on my blog!  What were your best purchases of the season?


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