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September 7, 2022

I’ve been doing these three ways to wear posts, once a week, for almost two months now, and while it might be quite an effort to curate each post it’s been a fantastic way for me to document my style, and has encouraged me to be ever more creative with my fairly minimal closet.  In fact I rarely struggle to pull together three different looks (which I’ll admit, had been a worry of mine at the start of this), instead I often find myself struggling to narrow it down to just three.  So don’t be surprised if you see some pieces repeated in future posts.

This item is a case in point,  it’s an old favorite of mine that’s been in my closet for a good few years but thanks to the Pittsburgh weather I have a fairly small window of opportunity to wear it. So when the weather does permit it, I have to admit I do wear it rather a lot.  So when it came to sharing only three of the ways I wear it, I did struggle a little.

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Leather jacket – Whistles / Skirt – Zara / Boots – DSW / Faux fur scarf – Charlotte Simone / Rings – India

I’ve read that one should stay away from doubling up on leather, especially after the age of 30 (I mean really, come on.  I can’t stand those articles that tell you what you should stop wearing after the age of 30 A load of rubbish), well I love wearing double leather, it makes me feel great.


Denim shirt – H&M / Skirt – Zara / Bangles – Indian markets / Boots – Aldo / Necklace – Tatty Divine

Ah denim and leather (anyone else singing this now?  Sorry.) it’s a perfect paring!  I wear this denim shirt both un-tucked and tucked into the skirt…but I must admit that my favorite is probably when it’s tucked in, like this as it does a great job of lengthening my legs, which is always a plus!


Kimono – Topshop / Camisole – Topshop / Skirt – Zara / Necklaces – Tina Lillianthal, Jane Kenney, Accessorize / Rings – India

It’s only recently started to warm up enough in Pittsburgh to wear this outfit and it was one of my favorites last year so I’m happy I can start wearing it again!  My style has a tendency to soften when it warms up and this outfit is the perfect example of me transitioning to spring.  I also layer less in the summer, too but I’ve loved layering this season so am tempted to introduce a few more lighter, softer, bohemian-esq pieces to my closet this summer so I can continue experimenting with layering..



Does your style vary much from season to season?






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