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September 6, 2022

Maxi skirts are my go to when the weathers hot and this one is probably my favorite.  I picked it up in the Whistles sale over four years ago but I love how current it still looks!  I’ll admit, there isn’t a whole lot you can do with a maxi skirt to change the look – if the length works with flats it’ll probably hover at an annoying length with heels so most of the time it’s one or the other.  You can, however wear them with a whole host of different tops to create a range of looks.

Skirt – Whistles / Jacket – Topshop / Tops – Zara / Sandals – Indian market / Bangle – India / Sunglasses – Target

You all know how much I love my leather jackets!  I love teaming them with feminine pieces like this skirt, it adds a little edge and it’s shape is such that it doesn’t swamp my shape or hide my waist too much.

Skirt – Whistles / T-shirt – Juju / Bangles – India / Sunglasses – Target

Ahhhhhh I love a good band -t and, like the leather jacket, I love to team them with more feminine shapes.  I always tuck tops into this skirt as I find it more flattering, especially if they’re boxy or loose.

Skirt – Whistles / Tops – Reiss / Shoes TJMaxx / Bangles – India

I have often wanted to dress this skirt up with heels, but it sits at a funny length and hovers uncomfortably.  I’ve played around in the past with tying a knot in my maxi’s to stop them dragging on the floor, so I thought I would try tying a knot on both sides and see what that looks like.  It’s not perfect but I actually quite like it! It’s even better from the side…it looks like a pair of harem pants!


What are you styling tips for getting maximum wear out of maxi’s?

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