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September 7, 2022

I love a good cropped t-shirt, they are the perfect way to highlight a waist making them a pear shapes best friend!  They’re also a really versatile summer piece, but I have to be careful how I wear them.  Back when I was in my teens I could wear them with jeans alone…if only I’d have had the confidence…what an idiot.  But now, at the age of 36, I can feel a lot like mutton dressed as lamb if I’m not careful and that’s quite a blow to my confidence!

On the subject of mutton dressed as lamb, I’ve (very) briefly touched on age appropriate clothing before and it’s a subject I’m definitely going to delve into a little deeper, but that’s a post for another day so stay tuned.

Anyway, getting back to the cropped t-shirt, thankfully there a lots of ways to wear it that don’t knock my confidence, and I’m going to share 3 three of them:

Cropped t-shirt – Nordstrom / Jumpsuit – Madewell, thrifted and upcycled / Shoes – Topshop / Rings – The Rogue and the Wolf and H&M / Sunnies – Target

Cropped tops are the perfect choice for layering as they don’t bunch up and they don’t add bulk.   There’s a big trend for layering t-shirts under pretty cami’s and cropped t’s are the perfect choice for this!  And while I’m talking about this outfit, I have to mention these shoes.  I love them!  They’re from Topshop and I’m quite sure they were made for me.  I have ridiculously narrow feet and normally struggle to find sandals that my feet don’t shoot straight through.  These, however, lace nice and tightly across my feet and hold them in place all day.  The current trend for lace up shoes and sandals has me all kinds of happy this season!

Cropped t-shirt – Nordstrom / Skirt – Vintage / Shoes – Topshop / Rings – H&M / Shoes – Topshop

High waist skirts are my absolute favorite thing to team with cropped tops.  It has to be one of the easiest combinations to pull together – there’s no tucking in involved and no belting needed.  Less is more where this outfit is concerned!  I know I don’t wear a lot of print, but when I do, I like to mix them up a little and stripes and floral prints will always be a perfect combination.

Cropped t-shirt – Nordstrom / Pants – J Brand / Shirt – Helmut Lang, TJMaxx / Bag – Angel Jackson / Ring – H&M / Arrow necklace – Accessorize / Skull necklace – Tina Lillanthal / Shoes – Topshop

This is about as bare as I dare go in the tummy area.  The shirt layered over the top offers me a little coverage which I definitely feel more comfortable in but more than that, I love the combination of the different lengths!


Is there something that you wish you’d worn when you were younger, that you don’t feel you can get away with now you’re older?


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