Every so often, I add a new piece to my collection that takes my style in a new direction and last month – after a little trial and error, I finally found a pair of cropped wide leg pants that I liked enough to add to my collection.  I’m not one to jump on the latest trend bandwagon but if it’s a look I really like, that I think will slot into my existing collection easily, be versatile and have longevity, then how can I resist?!

Cropped wide leg pants are normally I style that I would avoid as, in theory, they’d shorten my already short legs but this pair have a high waist which helps elongate them a little.  They also have the added bonus of an elasticated waist (yes, I did just say that that’s a bonus) and a belt to tighten them even more and eliminate the gaping at the back, which my fellow pear shapes will agree is a constant annoyance when purchasing pants and jeans!

Pants – Zara / Top – Whistles / Heels – French Connection / Bag – Rhuling Woven / Cuff – Indian / Sunglasses – Target

 I love this look, it feels (and looks) so chic and the loose layers are just perfect for the 90 degree heat we’ve been enjoying in Pittsburgh recently.  Now admitadly, I’ve just raved about the high waist on these pants only to hide it with a loose fitting top, but as you can see it still works!  The pointy heels do wonders for lengthening my pins and the neckline of the top shows off my shoulders which prevents the outfit from swamping me too much.

Pants – Zara / T-shirt – Thrifted / Shoes – Topshop / Cuff – Indian

I love how easily these pants can be dressed down, all it takes is a simple t and a pair of flats.  As you can see I’ve tucked the top in to prevent the pants from shortening my legs too much.

Pants – Zara / Tops – Topshop / Vest – Oasis / Pumps – Office Shoes / Necklace – Indian / Sunglasses – Target

 This third and final look is another departure for me.  My instincts would have me reach for my black skinny jeans rather than a loose style but I just love how chic the pants look instead.  There are a few  tricks to getting this look right – first, make sure the top sits at a flattering length (which, for me is on my waist), secondly opt for an outer layer that has some shape to it and secondly (if you’re not blessed with long legs) add a pair of heels.



Have you added anything new to your collection recently, that’s taken your style in a new direction?