My personal style philosophy is to buy less but have more.  It wasn’t always like this, I used to purchase lots of cheap clothing back in the day but my mentality has changed as I’ve got older.  I now invest in the pieces that I believe have longevity and spend sparingly on those that don’t. I’m not a big fan of fast-fashion; well, let me rephrase that – I do purchase clothes from fast-fashion retailers, but I don’t treat them like fast-fashion.  I buy clothes that I know I will be able to wear and will want to wear for years, not just for one season. I follow the trends – but not slavishly, and I adapt them to suit, buying only the pieces I love, that fit well and that go with at least two or three other items I already own.

I’ve put time, effort and love into building my capsule collection and can pull pieces from my closet that are years old, yet still very current, but this means that many of the outfits I share on here contain clothes I’ve lived in and loved for years which isn’t great news for those of you who might want to purchase some of the items I share with you.

2016 / 2010

2015 / 2010

The good news is that because the outfits I pull together are current, despite some of the pieces being old, I’m able to recommend similar items that you can purchase now! So, I’m throwing this one over to you. Would you find a post like this useful? What else would you like me to include in it? Minted and skinted options? Suggestions on making it work for different body shapes? Maybe you’d like to know more about the trend?

My aim with this blog is to not only inspire you and challenge you to get the most out of your closet but to help you choose the right pieces to add to it. So I’d love to know how best I can do this so share your thoughts and suggestions below, I’d love to hear them!