Last week I talked about how brilliant co-ordinates are if you’re a different size on the top and bottom half.  I’m one size (sometimes two sizes) smaller on my top half compared to my bottom half, so purchasing a skirt in one size and a matching top in a size smaller is a great way for me to create my perfect fitting dress.

I know that some people are reluctant to purchase two pieces in the same print as they think it won’t offer up much variety but I totally disagree, it gives you far more variety than if you purchase a one piece!  This matching top and skirt are a perfect example of just how versatile a two piece can be.

Top – Warehouse / Skirt – Warehouse

Pop over and read last weeks 1 Item, 3 Ways to see how versatile the skirt is, or, scroll down to see me share three ways to wear the top.

Top – Warehouse / Jeans – Levis / Sandals – Office Shoes / Jacket – Topshop / Bangles – India

The beauty of a two piece is that each item can look quite different when given the space to shine.  For instance, you’d never know that this top had a fabulous dipped hem at the back, until it’s separated from it’s sibling and teamed with pants! This makes it easy breezy to transform the co-ords into quite different looks.  Here, jeans, flat sandals and a leather jacket are the perfect way to wear this top casually, and when fall hits I’ll layer a sleeveless jacket over this and pair with a pair of pointy boots.

Top – Warehouse / Jeans – Mother Denim – Kristi Boutique / Boots – BCBGeneration

Bowed and tied necklines are going to be huge this fall.  In fact I predict it will be falls most worn trend and one to rival the popularity of summers off-the-shoulder trend, so get ready to see it fill your Instagram feeds!  But don’t let that put you off, it’s an extremely flattering trend and one that suits most body shapes (I’ll share more on that in a future post), I for one am a big fan, and have been looking at ways to introduce it into my outfits without buying anything new.  Enter, this top, worn back to front.  Wearing tops back to front is a great way to give them a new lease of life…yes it can sometimes look a little weird, but it CAN look fantastic!

Top – Warehouse / Pants – Juju / Shoes – Topshop

This third look is my favorite from this set.  These pants are incredible!  Leslie picked them out for me at Juju and they fit me like they were made just for me!  And when you find a pair of pants that fit you like that, you buy them.  Immediately.   I love this look because it illustrates that it’s possible to re-work a dressy outfit and re-wear it to other events.  Clients always have outfits hanging in their closet that they bought for a special occasion and only wore the once.  Well, my friends, if you can relate to them then go to your closet, pull out those outfits that made you feel so special, give them a new lease of life, and wear them again.  You will not regret it!


And if you want to find your perfect two piece then pop back at the end of the week when I’ll be trialing a new series that highlights pieces on the high-street that are similar to those featured in this three ways to wear, and offering suggestions on making them work for your shape.  I’d love to know what you think, so come back next week!