A denim jacket is a classic and I bet that most of you reading this have one hanging in your closet.  I’ve had mine for almost 10 years and it never looks old.  It’s a perfect transitional piece (are you tired of the word ‘transitional’ yet? I know I’ve used it a lot recently but if your to dress effortlessly into the new season then identifying and utilizing your transitional pieces is crucial!) – it’s light enough to layer underneath jackets yet substantial enough to throw over a dress and stay warm.

It’s definitely a piece I think deserves a little more attention and if you don’t have one in your repertoire then I urge you to consider finding one.  They come in all manner of styles, so it’s certainly possible for you to find one that fits your look.  And if you’re reading this and muttering to yourself ‘I’m not going to wear a denim jacket at my age!’ then take a look at this, this and this and then tell me you can’t wear one!

Long line vest UK | USA  //  Faux leather pants (similar) UK | USA  //  Blouse (similar) UK | USA  //  Boots (similar) UK | USA

I became a little obsessed with sleeveless jackets last winter and was so impressed by the amount of outfits I could pull together with it that I purchased a lighter weight one for the warmer months.  Now that it’s starting to cool off again, I’m enjoying layering it under my lightweight jackets and absolutely love how it looks with the denim.  If you like to layer, but hate the way sleeves can get all bunched up then I highly recommend giving this look a whirl.  The vest adds an extra layer of warmth without that annoying ‘sleeve-stuck halfway up your arm’ thing that we all hate so much.

Boots UK (similar) | USA

Denim jackets and pretty dresses is a long time favorite of mine, it’s the perfect balance of pretty and edgy.  I prefer the look of a cropped denim jacket over dresses on me, but if you’re taller then a longer line or oversized style would look great.

Leather jacket (similar) UK | USA  //  Jeans UK | USA  //  Polo-neck (similar) UK | USA  //  Faux fur stole (Similar) UK | USA  //  Boots UK | USA

I’m quite the fan of layering my coats, and a denim and leather jacket combination might just be my favorite.  These two sit quite perfectly together as both are the same style, however I do think a more classic style like this would work just as well.