I’m currently in the UK whizzing around Bristol  styling old and new clients before heading to Newcastle to see my Granny who celebrates (well she isn’t interested in celebrating but the rest of us are) her 100th Birthday (!!!!!!!).  As always, I’ve packed in far too many things to do while I’m here leaving me little to no time to blog,  so I reached out to a couple of friends before I left the US to see if they’d be interested in writing a guest post for me while I’m here and they said yes!

So this week’s three ways to wear comes to you from the super talented and stylish,  Mandy AKA,  The Curvey Blogger.  She’s chosen a brilliantly bold printed turtle neck and styled it in three very different ways.  My absolute favourite is the third outfit…that print mixing is perfection!

“Hi everyone!

It is such an honor to be here. Niki is seriously the coolest lady around, so when she asked me to apart of this I was super flattered! I am not a stylist, I just really enjoy putting together outfits. But here goes nothing!

My “THREE WAYS TO WEAR” post is on a crazy printed turtle neck shirt that I found in a thrift store that as much as I tried to say “no” to it, I couldn’t. I live in a camper, which makes it super tough for me to say “yes” to clothing, making what I have my favorite items that I wear constantly. This challenge was super healthy for me, if I can style this crazy printed top into three outfits maybe it can stay in my closet for a while. 😉

top & sweater: thrifted    high waisted shorts: asos    boots: old modcloth

The first outfit is probably the most tame of the three. As we travel around the weather can be unpredictable, having layer-able pieces is key. The fabric on this turtle neck is stretchy and super thin, so when paired with a sweater it adds just the right amount of warmth for these 65 degree days. What I love about this outfit is the top adds a bit of interest to what would be an all black ensemble.

I LOVE wearing sleeveless, and strapless dresses with tops under them. I mostly do this when one of them has a loud, interesting print, and the other is rather plain. I just grabbed this dress from the clearance section of target the other day loving the color for this time of year. And when I was put to the test for this post I am so glad I did! I love this look the most, and think it sums up my personal style the best. Also, please note my sasha neckwear necklace, handmade with love in Pittsburgh!

top, earrings, skirt: thrifted  belt: flea market   boots: old modcloth

Lastly, this outfit was a challenge for me. I had at least 3 different skirts on with this before I decided on this one. Truth is, all black is my go to, so mixing prints can be a bit daunting, especially with my limited wardrobe. In the end, I really like how this chunky belt (yes it is a vintage weight lifting belt) separated the prints so you can gather your thoughts a bit before totally freaking out by the visual overload. This outfit is odd, but I kinda love it now looking back on it. Totally weird, but visually interesting. 🙂


Thanks for having me! I hope you enjoyed this post as I officially feel better about taking this top home with me.

xoxoxo Mandy”