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September 7, 2022

This week I’m collaborating with a long time favorite of mine the British footwear retailer, Ted and Muffy.  I love this brand and can’t tell you how many times I’ve recommended them to my clients.  They are one of the few brands around that sell shoes in 3 width fittings and boots in a range of different calf fittings (21 calf widths to be precise!!) without compromising on style.  At all.  As a girl with ridiculously narrow feet and a love of shoes that borders on the obsessive, this makes me very happy.  And as a stylist with clients in all shapes and sizes, it makes me one very happy stylist, too! So when Ted and Muffy got in touch asking if I’d like to work with them, I pretty much bit their hand off – they make the perfect partner to Style Studs and Lace and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

The boots I decided to feature in this weeks three ways to wear are Ted and Muffy’s beautiful, classic, over the knee boots (OTKB), Empress – yes I called them a classic, and no I’ve not gone mad.  I’m about to illustrate that OTKB are not just for 20 the somethings, that they are versatile and are a classic.

I firmly believe a pair like these that are comfortable, stay up (this pair have a tie at the back to ensure they don’t slip down) and are a good quality fabric (preferably suede or faux suede rather than leather or pleather as is tends to look more chic than street) will take you far.   They will lengthen your legs, look fabulous under dresses and skirts (not to mention be a damn sight warmer) and they’ll take you effortlessly from day to night. 


This outfit perfectly illustrates the leg lengthening I was just talking about, and the reason it lengthens my legs so well is because I’ve matched the color of the boots to the color of the pants.  A blue jean or lighter shade of pants would break me into three which would not be very elongating at all.  The chunky sweater does a great job of balancing out the very fitted bottom half of the outfit and is far more flattering on me than a cropped or fitted style would be.  But of course, if have more of an athletic shape than an I, then go right ahead!


This next outfit is rather more dressy than the previous one (see, I told you they were versatile boots), and I can see me wearing it on repeat on nights out over the next three months.  I’ve chosen to stick with the dark pallet again for maximum flattery, but I’ve added interest by layering a mixture of different textures together.


For the third and final look I wanted to show you how great OTKB’s look with a midi dress, which, by the way is a pretty difficult length to wear – it’s often unflattering on models so it’s no surprise that the rest of us struggle to look good in a midi.  However, if you pair this length with some leg hugging OTKB’s it becomes much more flattering and much more wearable.

Another trend that’s hard to wear (but not because it’s unflattering) is the trend for sheer fabric.  There are really pretty sheer dresses out there at the moment but I know that sheer fabrics cause some of you problems.  Well, throw a pair of OTKB underneath a sheer dress or skirt and you won’t feel half as naked as you would otherwise, plus, it’s warmer, too.  Bonus! 


So, what do you think?  Will you adding a pair of OTKB to your collection any time soon?

Disclosure: I was gifted these boots by Ted and Muffy in return for writing this post, however, the idea, words and opinions are my own and it in no way reduces my independence or dedication to providing honest, impartial advice.  I ONLY work with or accept brands and their items that I, myself, would purchase or that I would recommend to my clients.  If you wish to find out more, click here

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