If you’re anything like me, you’re a wimp in the cold and the getting dressed up and heading for a night out when it’s freezing cold outside and pouring with rain, takes some serious effort.  Staying warm and looking party perfect don’t always go hand in hand, but we’re right in the middle of the party season of the year, so how do we keep warm without compromising on style?  Read on to find out!

Top tips for staying warm and stylish this party season

  • Winter parties are the perfect place to play around with warm luxurious textures like faux fur, velvet and metallic’s.  There are some fantastic party perfect pieces in these fabrics this season, like these pants and this jacket so there’s bound to be something that fits your style.
  • Winter parties are also a great opportunity to play around and have fun with layering.  I love how Anna has layered lame fabric with fine knit and faux fur – it’s a gorgeous combination that’s perfect for the Christmas do!

  • Layer a thin camisole under your outfit, it makes a huge difference and none will know it’s there!
  • Over The Knee Boots are my go to this holiday season, not only do they look chic, they’re a brilliant way to keep warm, too.
  •  A tailored vest is one of my favorite pieces to through over my outfit on a night out:

  • Opt for maximum length like this gorgeous outfit that Zoe’s wearing.  Maxi dresses and skirts look so glamorous and are far warmer than a skimpy mini:

Photo by Katelynn Dow Photography
  • Dress up a sweater.  Meryl has totally nailed the holiday party outfit with this combination.  The red turtle neck looks so chic paired with the full skirt and pointy heels:

Photo by Kathryn Stabile

  • Add a sequined jacket or velvet kimono, they’ll add a massive dose of glamour as well as an extra layer of warmth.

  • And finally, don’t forget about the accessories!  These items below not only add the wow factor, they’ll also help to keep the cold at bay.

Party warmers
ONE  //  TWO  //  THREE  //  FOUR  //  FIVE  //  SIX  //  SEVEN  //  EIGHT  //  NINE

Do you have any tips for keeping warm this party season?