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September 7, 2022

I have a pretty special Three Ways to Wear for you guys this week as the outfits are being modeled by my beautiful Mum!  Mum felt that she’d got stuck in a rut of wearing skinny jeans all the time, so she decided to branch out and bought herself a pair of new season cropped length trousers as she thought they’d suit here petite height. 

But while I was home she confessed that she was struggling to know what to put with them.  The issue wasn’t that she didn’t have anything, it was that she was choosing the wrong items.  She’d got into the habit of wearing longer tops over skinny jeans but when she tried to team the same tops with the cropped trousers it didn’t look right, so she asked me to help her come up with some other options.

We spent a couple of hours going through her closet (rather like I do with my clients during a closet consultation) and found lots of fab looks that she’d not thought to put together before, and these were our three favorites.

Mum has a great selection of fine knitwear and these are perfect with a pair of cropped black pants like these, and the combination makes a fantastic base to showcase a bold print scarf or piece of statement jewellery.  We tried the outfit with flat ballerinas but decided it looked a little dated so we went for these brogues instead, which I think are the perfect way to update the look.

The issue with wearing longer tops over a cropped pant when you’re short, is that it shortens the leg further.  It’s not such an issue if you’re a fan of towering heels as this will often balance the proportions, but if you prefer to wear a lower heel, or flats, it’s a hard combination to wear.  This top is probably the longest I’d suggest Mum wears with these pants.  It’s a great look for a dressier occasion and the addition of the pointed toe and small heel helps to elongate her legs a little.

I love these pants with a top tucked in, it’s a fantastic way to elongate the legs, however, my Mum says she often feels busty if she tucks tops in so we decided to layer the cardigan over the top to break up the line across the bust.  A longer length cardigan (unbuttoned)  would also look great!

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