7 Style Resolutions For The New Year

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At the beginning of a new year many of us focus on getting fitter, slimmer, and healthier…a new you for the new year.  But I want to challenge you to refrain from setting yourself hard to stick to resolutions to lose weight and change, and instead to use the weapons hanging in your closet and some of my style resolutions to love you NOW.  Below are 7 simple style resolutions to help you smash the new year with a positive attitude and a ton of self confidence.  Scroll down to see which resolutions you need to put at the top of your list this year.

  1. Celebrate your assets and embrace your curves.  Don’t look in the mirror and focus on (what you consider to be) your flaws; instead of wasting time on all that negativity, identify and celebrate your assets and embrace your curves.   If you’re struggling to identify any ask your partner or a friend, I can guarantee they’ll reel off a ton of things!
  2. Use the weapons already hanging in your closet to make you feel fantastic.  We all have a few special items in our wardrobe that make us feel bloody amazing but many of us keep them for best.  Stop! Don’t keep them hanging waiting for a special occasion, wear them for any occasion!  If you need a little inspiration on dressing them down, read my latest 3 Ways to Wear.
  3. Be more considerate about what you buy and choose the right size.  Rushing into a purchase or not giving yourself the time to try an item on before you buy is a bad idea.  Chances are you’ll get home, hang the item up (probably with the tag still attached), will never wear it and will beat yourself up about it every time you see it lurking in your wardrobe.  If time is something you never seem to have enough of then don’t attempt to get everything in one trip, focus on one or two items and try not to get distracted. Once you’ve found the items you’re looking for, try them on and check the fit properly before handing over your money.  Or, hire me to take you shopping!  I’ll source everything for you, make sure it’s perfect for your shape and style, and will deliver it all in a shop-able look-book packed full of styling tips tailored to you!  It’s a popular service…I have the testimonials to prove it!
  4. Make an effort to free up time to look after YOU and to indulge in a little self love.  Whether that’s a soak in a hot bubble bath, wearing a fab shade of lippy, or wearing that dress that makes you feel ace; take some time out and look after you.
  5. Wear your accessories. How many of you have a box full of beautiful jewellery that never sees the light of day?  I would hazard a guess that it’s either ‘to special’ to wear everyday or is stored in a way that makes it impossible to grab something quickly before running out the door. A simple piece of jewellery will do wonders for an outfit and is a great way to feel a little special on a mundane Monday morning, so make it accessible and make an effort to wear it.
  6. Shop your closet more.  Take some time to go through your closet reminding yourself what you have.  Pull out the items that you love that make you feel great and try to build some new outfits around them using some of your less worn items.  It’s a great way to update your wardrobe and your look, and for some bonus feel good vibes – you won’t have spent a penny doing it!
  7. Look after your clothes.  Whether you spend $10 or $100 on your clothes, you worked hard for them so make them work hard for you.   Hang them properly on good hangers (I recommend these) and wash them with care, too, so you don’t have to replace them so soon.  All this adds value to your items and goes towards making you feel special when you wear them.

What style resolutions are you adding to your list this year?  Share in the comments below!


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