The best jeans styles for pear shaped women in 2024

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February 12, 2024

One of the biggest frustrations that pear shapes have when it comes to getting dressed, is finding jeans that fit well and look good on:

  • Jeans typically gape at the back of the waist on pear body shapes, even when they fit your hips and thighs.  And going down a size doesn't’ solve the frustration - they might fit better around your waist, but then they’re too tight across your hips and thighs.
  • And if you do find jeans that fit you, you worry that they highlight your hips to make you look bottom heavy.

If you recognize those frustrations, you’re in the right place!  

Not only am I pear shaped, too, but over the past 17 years I've been working as a Personal Stylist, helping hundreds of pear shaped women like you to create outfits they love wearing, and I’m drawing on that experience to provide you with a comprehensive guide to finding the best jeans for your pear body shape!

There are some fantastic jeans out there for you, that will fit perfectly and flatter your curves beautifully, and I’m going to show you what they are and where to find them ?

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Want a quick answer?

These are the 3 best jeans for a pear body shape in 2024

the way-high skinny


If you like a high rise skinny jean, but they always gape at the back - THESE ARE FOR YOU!  The rise is super high, and super fitted.  They hug and showcase your beautiful pear shape curves, and are ridiculously comfortable to boot.  They come in 2 leg lengths, and sizes 23 - 35.

high-rise wide leg jeans


These are the best fitting wide leg jeans I have found. Boden don't typically fit curvy girls, so these are a surprise for me. They hug the waist, and flare out in a wide leg that skims your hips and thighs. They come in 4 leg lengths (!) and a size 25 - 34

cuvry way-high jean


Straight leg jeans are notoriously difficult to get in a good fit if you are pear shaped, but these are perfect.  Cut in Everlane's fantastic 'Curvy' fit, they hug the waist, fit your hips and thighs, and skim down in a slim straight leg. They are a great alternative to skinny jeans. These come in 2 leg lengths and sizes 23 - 35.

what is a pear body shape?

The pear body shape is a beautifully curvy shape that typically has narrow shoulders, wide hips (that are noticeably wider than her shoulders), a defined waistline, and often feels bottom heavy.  

If you want a ton more information about the pear body shape, check out this post, it shares everything you ever needed to know about the pear body shape, so make sure to pop on over!


The biggest problem you have when you're shopping for jeans as a pear shape, is that jeans will often be too big around the waist yet tight on your hips and thighs.  

And while it might feel like every single pair of jeans you try on was made for a different shape to yours...that's not the case.

There are jeans out there that will fit and flatter you brilliantly, you just need to know what to look for:


buy curvy fit jeans.  period

Buying 'Curvy Fit' jeans is my number one piece of advice when you're buying jeans as a pear shape!

Curvy fit jeans are cut with a pear shape figure in mind - the waist is cut a little smaller than regular jeans and there is more room at the hips and thighs so they'll hug your waist and fit your butt and thighs.

Honestly, curvy fit jeans are a total game changer, you'll wish you'd heard about them years ago.

 Madewell, Everlane and Paige Flaunt are my 3 favorite retailers for curvy fit jeans, but I've listed tons more here.


opt for High-rise jeans

The most flattering rise for most pear shapes is a high rise as these tend to have a slightly more curved waist that will fit your waist a little better.  

The other benefit of a high rise is that it draws attention to your defined waist, which will help to draw the eye away from your bottom half.  

Oh, and high rise jeans also have the added bonus of lengthening your legs a little, which is a bonus if you're petite or have a long torso.


look for jeans that have fading

Fading on jeans can be super flattering.  Dark colors recede, and light colors come to the front, so if you think about this in terms of jeans - light fading that runs down the middle of the leg like this will draw the eye in to elongate and narrow your legs.

It's such a simple way to appear taller and slimmer!


boot cut jeans flared jeans are the best jeans for pear shapes

Boot cut jeans and flared jeans are the most flattering style of jeans for pear shaped women, especially if you go for a high rise pair of flared jeans like this.

The flare does a fantastic job of balancing the hips to create a more balanced silhouette.  Go for cropped or full length, or super wide, they will all look great!

But you don't need to scour the internet for your perfect jeans; I've done the hard work for you!  Just scroll on down to see my 9 favorite jeans styles for pear shapes...


avoid jeans that have whiskering

Whiskers on jeans are thin faded stripes that run horizontally across the tummy and hips, like this.

Some light whiskering is fine, but keep in mind that whiskering draws lines across the widest part of your frame which highlights it, and this can make you like wider than you are.  Whiskers on jeans also draw attention to your hips, which you may not want.


avoid jeans that have a front seam or pintuck

A front seam, also called a pintuck, is notorious for being unflattering on a pear body shape - the seam contours your curves which enhances them and creates a create a curvier, more bottom heavy frame.


Opt for skinny jeans that have a slightly wider ankle opening

Pear shapes often tell me they can't wear skinny jeans, but that is nonsense!  

A pear shape can totally wear skinny jeans but if you feel bottom heavy in them try a style that has a slightly wider ankle opening.  Styles that hug your ankle tightly have a tendency to emphasize wide hips, so by opting for a slightly wider ankle opening like this you'll be able to balance you hips a little better.  

To make them even more flattering, go for a high rise.


always buy the smallest size you can

Jeans almost ALWAYS relax a little, even expensive denim does, so I always recommend purchasing jeans that feel a little snug in the fitting room as this allows for them relaxing.  

If you buy them when they fit you perfectly, they will relax and end up being too large.

Take a couple of sizes into the fitting room with you (or, if ordering online, order a couple of sizes), and if the smaller pair are only slightly tighter, go for the smaller size.  They should relax to the right size after a few hours of wear.

these are the best jeans for a pear body shape

This selection are tried and tested by myself and my pear shape clients, and we can assure you that these jeans will fit well, look great on your curves, and (most importantly) will NOT gape at the waistband!


If you want to go for a looser style of jeans go for a high rise Mom jean - they will be a little more flattering on a pear shape than a boyfriend jean.

If you go for a curvy cut jean the waist will hug yours, and the loose denim will skim your hips.  These are a great choice. I can confirm that the waist will not gap! They have a higher rise than most, and are a neater fit at the hips and waist which means they don't add any unnecessary bulk where you least want it.



Wide leg jeans are fantastic on a pear shape, but I always recommend going for a pair with a high rise like this pair(they are generous in size, so size down!).

High rise wide leg jeans will hug the waist and then skim over the hips and thighs.  They look great with sneakers or heels!



Skinny flares are a great way to showcase a curvy figure. This pair are my absolute favorite fit!  They hug the waist, hips and thighs, and flare out below the knee to balance your hips.


FLARES for the pear shape body

An image of a pear shaped woman wearing flares

Flares are one of the best styles of jeans for a pear shape - the volume below the knee will flare out to balance your wide hips and showcase your gorgeous curves.  

Go for a high rise and any length or width!   These flares are a particularly good pair on pears!  The high rise hugs and defines the waist, and the wide, flared leg, skims the hips and thighs to elongate the legs.

THE BEST FLARES FOR a pear body shape


Boot cut jeans are another great option for pear shapes, especially if you want a super flattering style but don't like flares.  These make a great option.   


skinny jeans for THE pear shape BODY

This might surprise you, but pear body shapes can wear skinny jeans!

Pear shapes have gorgeous curves that deserve to be shown off, but if you feel a bit bottom heavy in a skinny jean, opt for a slightly wider ankle like this, it will highlight your hips less.  

Also, I highly recommend choosing a skinny jean in a curvy fit like this, to ensure they fit you perfectly and show your shape off to it's best.



And lastly, if jeans that gape at the waistband is your biggest frustration, go for curvy cut jeans. I'm a pear shape and I will ONLY wear curvy cut jeans...the fit is that good. 

these are the best brands FOR PEAR SHAPE JEANS

  • MADEWELL- This is one of my favorite retailers to source jeans for a pear body-shape. They have such a fantastic range of jeans in curvy fits.  They also offer the curvy fits in plus, tall and petite.  They even have some curvy fit pants!!
  • EVERLANE - They have a great selection of jeans for a pear shape. Their curvy fit jeans are the best fit on a pear shape, but you can sometimes get away with some of their bon curvy fits, so have a play!
  • MINT VELVET - Mint Velvet's jeans are often a great fit on a pear shapes.
  • Paige and Paige Flaunt - Paige jeans are typically a great fit for pear shapes, but they've also developed a range that is specifically designed for the pear shape, called Flaunt. These are a premium denim, but you do get a premium fit!
  • Abercrombie and fitch - This is another denim retailer that caters for the curvy figure. Try their Curve Love range for the best mum jean selection around!
  • american eagle - This is a great place to source good fitting jeans for a pear shape, at a great price.
  • TORRID - If you're a plus size pear shape, this is a great place to source skinny jeans.
  • TALBOTS - Talbots have a great range of jeans for plus size pear body shape
  • free people - Free people's CRVY range is full of flares and mum jeans that are cut to fit a pear shape.  It's a favorite place to source jeans for my boho clients!
  • joe's - Joe's Honey jeans are perfect for pear shapes.  The come in a boot-cut and skinny and the fit is great!
  • h&M - H&M have just introduced a new range of curve fit jeans!  These are such a great fit and SUCH a great price point.
  • Weekday - Weekday are a UK brand who sell specific curvy cut jeans.  The fit is great, they have a range of styles and the price is good too!
  • Good american- Good American is all about celebrating curves!  I love their Good Waist and Good Curve ranges for pear shapes.
  • pacsun- This is a super affordable brand that offers a decent range of curve fit denim, from jeans to shots.

best jeans for pear shape UK

As a Personal Stylist, I work with both UK and USA clients, and one of the biggest frustrations for ME is that the USA is SO MUCH BETTER when it comes to jeans and pants for pear shape women.

But with that said, the UK is slowly catching up.  

Some retailers have started to introduce curvy fit collections (H&M and Weekend are the best) and there are some retailers who simply cater to a a curvier frame so us pear shape Brits we do have choices.

On top of that, some of our department stores sell the American jeans that are great for pears, and some of the American brands offer shipping to the UK so we do have other options.

Here are my best picks this season, for jeans for pear shapes in the UK.  All have been tried and tested by me ( a pear shape... in the UK) and my UK pear shaped clients, so I know they work:

best jeans for a pear shape petite

Shopping for jeans when you are petite is difficult.   Add being pear shape to that and your options for jeans feels super limited, but they aren’t!

3 tips for buying jeans when you are a pear shape body petite:

  • Choose  a high waist jean - a high-rise is good for 2 reasons - the first is that it sill lengthen your legs.  The second is because it will hug and highlight your defined waist.
  • Try to shop from  petite ranges - a standard fit that is shortened, will not fit as well as a petite fit.  Petite fits are cut shorter in the body than a standard so they fit a petite frame better.
  • You don't need to avid cropped jeans.  I know petite women worry that they will make them look shorter but they won't if you: go for a high-rise, and tuck your top in.


frequently asked questions about jeans for pear body shape

These are the most common questions I get asked about jeans for pear shapes.  If you have a different question, let me know!

do high waist jeans suit a pear shape?

Yes!  High waist jeans are one of the BEST styles or a pear shape because they hug and highlight a pear shape defined waistline…one of your best assets.  

To get a good fitting pair of high rise jeans for pear shapes, look for the following styles:

  • High waist jeans with a wide leg like this are great for a pear shape - the waist will hug yours, and the wide leg will skim your hips and thighs.
  • Choose high waist styles in a curvy fit - curvy fit jeans are designed with a pear shape frame in mind so they have a slightly smaller waist that will fit your waist neatly, and they have a little extra room in the butt and hip so there is NO waist gaping!
  • And look for high-waist jeans that are flared or have a boot cut - these will hug your waist and showcase your curves

can a pear shape wear skinny jeans?

Yes! Please wear skinny jeans, they show off your curves beautifully!  

The best skinny jeans for pear shapes are high waist skinny jeans in a curvy fit like these or these.  A high rise skinny 'curve' jean will fit a pear shape best (no waist gaping) and will show off your curves better than any other skinny jeans.  

If you feel too bottom heavy in skinny jeans, look for skinny jeans that have slightly wider ankles like this style.  To see the best skinny jeans for pear shapes this year, click here.

what jeans suit big hips and thighs?

The best jeans for women with big hips and thighs are high waist curvy cut flared jeans or high rise curvy cut boot cut jeans.  These styles will  hug and flatter your curves beautifully.  They will also fit well, with NO gaping at the waist band.

do straight leg jeans suit pear shapes?

Straight leg jeans can look good on a pear shape, but they are one of the most difficult styles to find in a  good fit. 

The reason straight leg jeans don't work on a pear shape is because a straight leg jeans are (as the name suggests) straight from waist to ankle -  where as a pear shape isn’t straight, a pear shape body has a small waist and curvy hips and bottom.  

If you are pear shaped and want to wear a straight leg jeans, I recommend choosing a straight leg jean from one of the denim brands that offer curvy cuts.

 Madewell and Everlane are the best options for straight leg jeans that fit and suit a pear shape.  Something like this or this would be great.

should a pear shape wear wide leg pants?

I love wide leg jeans on pear shapes, the shape typically fits a pear shape really well because the waist hugs yours, and the wide leg skims down and slims your hips and thighs.  

If you feel self-conscious about your pear shape curvy bottom half, a wide leg will be a great option for you, it is one of the best ways to disguise a curvy bottom half.

To see my top picks for wide leg jeans for pear shapes, click here.

what should a pear shape body avoid?

Some jeans don’t work for a pear shaped body, so if you are a pear shape these are the jeans you might want to avoid

Jeans to avoid if you are a pear shape:

  • A pear shape should avoid paper-bag waist jeans. Paper-bag waist jeans add volume and weight to the hip and thigh area, so if you are  a pear shape they will add weight right where you don’t need it.  Wearing paper-bag jeans will make a pear shape look MORE pear shaped. 
  • A pear shape should avoid a Straight leg jean.  Straight leg jeans are (as you might expect) very straight up and down from waist to ankle, this means that they will NOT fit your defined waist.  Instead, a straight leg jean will hug your hips and thighs and gape at your waist
  • Pear body shapes should avoid low rise jeans. Low rise jeans sit on the hips - this is the widest point of a pear shape, so by wearing a pair of jeans that sit at the hip, you are drawing a line right across your widest area, which highlights it and makes you look wider than you are.  It also shortens your legs and makes your torso look longer - this will also make you appear more bottom heavy than you are.
  • A pear shape should avoid cargo jeans.  Cargo jeans have pockets that sit on the hips and thighs, this adds weight and volume to the hip area, which is exactly where a pear shape doesn’t want to add extra weight.


I know it feels like jeans and pants aren't designed for your pear shape, but that's not true.  Hopefully this post illustrates just how much choice you have!  

There is no excuse for bad fitting, uncomfortable jeans - there are lots of wonderful styles of jeans out there that will make the absolute best of your shape.

 So, enjoy shopping, and let me know how you get on!

Pear shaped women often struggle to find jeans that fit and flatter well. These styles of jeans will complement the pear-shaped figure the best. Denim for pear shaped body types, jeans for bottom heavy women, the perfect jeans for triangle shaped women. Skinny jeans, flares, Highrise jeans, flares, how to wear, how to style, ways to wear, how to dress your shape

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