Finding jeans that fit well and don't gape at the back of the waist band is a real struggle when you are pear shaped.  I know because I'm a pear shape, and I have lots of clients who are also pear shaped.  But once you know what styles and elements work for your shape, shopping for jeans becomes much less stressful, and much more fruitful! 

In this post I'm sharing...

5 tips to help you shop for jeans when you are a pear shape

9 jeans styles that stop you from looking more bottom heavy, and won't gape at the waistband

So scroll on down to learn what to look for, and where to find it!

Pear shaped women often struggle to find jeans that fit and flatter well. These styles of jeans will complement the pear-shaped figure the best. Denim for pear shaped body types, jeans for bottom heavy women, the perfect jeans for triangle shaped women. Skinny jeans, flares, Highrise jeans, flares, how to wear, how to style, ways to wear, how to dress your shapePin this image on Pinterest
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The biggest problem you have when you're shopping for jeans as a pear shape, is that jeans will often be too big around the waist yet tight on your hips and thighs.  And while it might feel like every single pair of jeans you try on was made for a different shape to yours...that's not the case.

There are jeans out there that will fit and flatter you brilliantly, you just need to know what to look for:

1 / Jeans that have a high rise will be the best fit

The most flattering rise for most pear shapes is a high rise as high rises tend to have a slightly more curved waist that will fit your waist a little better.  The other benefit of a high rise is that it draws attention to your defined waist, which will help to draw the eye away from your bottom half.  Oh, and high rise jeans also have the added bonus of lengthening your legs a little

2/  Always buy the smallest size you can

Jeans almost ALWAYS relax a little, even expensive denim does, so I always recommend purchasing jeans that feel a little snug in the fitting room as this allows for them relaxing.  Take a couple of sizes into the fitting room with you (or, if ordering online, order a couple of sizes), and if the smaller pair are only slightly tighter, go for the smaller size.  They should relax to the right size after a few hours of wear.

3 / Look for styles that have fading and whiskering

Whiskering and fading on jeans can be super flattering.  As well as adding interest and depth to a pair of jeans, fading can actually elongates legs and narrow your hips.  Look for fading that goes down the side of the legs - this will draw the eye in to narrow your legs.  And look for jeans that have whiskering across the hips, this will draw the eye in across your widest point to narrow it slightly.

4/  Opt for skinny jeans that have a slightly wider ankle opening

Pear shapes can totally wear skinny jeans but if you feel bottom heavy in them try a style that has a slightly wider ankle opening.  Styles that hug your ankle tightly have a tendency to emphasize wide hips, so by opting for a slightly wider ankle opening you'll be bale to balance you hips a little better.  To make them even more flattering, stick with tip 2 and go for a high rise.

5/ The best styles are bootcut and flares as these balance the hips

Flared jeans are the most flattering style of jeans for pear shaped women, especially if you go for a high rise pair of flared jeans  The flare does a fantastic job of balancing the hips to create a more balanced silhouette.  Go for cropped or full length, either will look great!

But you don't need to scour the internet for your perfect jeans. I've done the hard work for you!  Just scroll on down to see my 9 favourite jeans styles for pear shapes...



This pair of cropped kick flares will balance your hips, and the high rise will lengthen your legs and showcase your waist.  They're a curvy fit so there should be no waist gape!


If you want to go for a looser style of jeans, these are a great choice. I can confirm that the waist will not gap! They have a higher rise than most, and are a neater fit at the hips and waist which means they don't add any unnecessary bulk where you least want it.


Skinny flares are a great way to showcase a curvy figure. This pair are my absolute favorite fit!  They hug the wast, hips and thighs, and flare out below the knee to balance your hips.


Wide leg jeans are fantastic on a pear shape, but I always recommend going for a pair with a high rise like this pair(they are generous in size, so size down!). High rise wide leg jeans will hug the waist and then skim over the hips and thighs.  They look great with sneakers or heels!


These flares are a gorgeous shape on pears!  The high rise hugs and defines the waist, and the wide, flared leg, skims the hips and thighs to elongate the legs.


Boot cut jeans are making a come back and these make a great option.   This make do have a tendency to relax a fair bit so definitely buy them snug.


And lastly, if jeans that gape at the waistband is your biggest frustration, go for these 'way high' curvy cut skinny jeans (or any curvy cut jeans by this retailer, they are truly the best fitting jeans I have found!).  A curvy cut jean is cut to fit a curvy shape so it has a smaller waist (hence, no waist gap) and a little more room int eh hips and thighs. I'm a pear shape and own several curvy fit jeans.  These are good if you're looking for something with a low price point.

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