Hi!  How was your holiday?  I hope it was filled with love and laughter,
and lots of tasty food and drink.  It’s back to business as usual over
here and I’m kicking off the year with a 3 Ways to Wear that to beat the January blues.  The party season might be over but that shouldn’t mean you need to pack away your party pieces!  I highly recommend taking your favorite special pieces and reworking them for day time.  Honestly it feels great to rock sparkles and metallics in the day!

My mood lifting item is this silver pleated skirt, it’s not something that many people would consider wearing in the day yet I think it looks ace and, actually, it’s not that difficult to dress down, as I’m going to illustrate in this weeks Three Ways to Wear.

My favorite way to dress down a skirt like this is to team it with a leather jacket.  It adds some edge preventing the skirt from looking too pretty and dressy.  When possible, I like to tuck tops in to pleated skirts (especially high wasted styles) as if I don’t my waist gets lost. Thankfully this sweater is fine enough that I can do just that without adding bulk around my middle.

I’m a huge fan of wearing chunky sweaters and sneakers with a metallic skirt, I love the quirkiness and the contrasting textures.  This sweater is too chunky to tuck in all the way round as I did in the last outfit so instead I’ve loosely tucked it at the front to show that I do in fact have a waist hiding under all that fabric.  You might look fantastic wearing a long chunky sweater un-tucked over a skirt like this, but I don’t.  Have a play around and see what works for you!

Now this is my favorite look of the three.  I absolutely love teaming band t-shirts with feminine pieces!  I’m a rocker at heart and while I don’t feel the need to display my love of metal on the outside (like I did in my teens) a little of it creeps back into my style from time to time.  It’s not clear in the photo, but the boots I’m wearing are velvet so this is a proper mash up of textures – metallic, velvet, and faux fur – and I think that’s the key to wearing a skirt like this in the day.  You’re heading towards dressier territories the moment you combine shiny, silky textures with metallic fabrics.



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