If you’re a regular reader of Style Studs and Lace you’ll probably have noticed that I like to wear dark colors…predominantly black, so you might be surprised to see me in a pair of pale ripped jeans.  These were an item I bought on sale a year or so ago from an outlet.  It was an item I’d been dabbling with trying and so when I saw the dirt cheap price tag I though what the heck and gave them a whirl.  To my surprise the fit was great with no annoying gaping around the back of the waist band which I find so common as a pear shape, so I bought them.  And I have to say they make a welcome addition to my otherwise tailored and neat collection and add a relaxed element to my style that has been missing for years.  Back in my early 20’s you’d be hard pushed to get me out of my baggy boyfriend jeans and into skinny’s, now it’s the opposite.  I live in skinny’s and can’t go anywhere near boyfriend jeans (I think I OD’d on them). These ripped jeans however, are the perfect compromise and (like most of the pieces in my closet) are so versatile!  Here are three way’s I’ve been wearing them recently:


Cozy sweaters and oversized scarves have been my go to recently and I’m loving how they look with these jeans.  I’ll often stick to wearing tighter fitting things on my bottom half if I’m wearing something baggy on top, it’s just more flattering on me, but I sometimes feel that looks too smart. These ripped jeans however, (while still being tighter fitting) make the outfit look more casual.

I love the contrast between sparkle and ripped denim in this outfit, don’t you?!  I think ripped jeans scrub up pretty well, especially in the summer when you can team them with a pair of pretty heeled sandals…I’ll show you a couple more dressy looks once the weather starts to warm up a little.


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This is probably one of those Marmite outfits.  You either love it or you hate it.  I love the different lengths and layers – the cropped jacket that ends at my waist and draws me in a little, the length of the sweater that ends just below my knees and the pointy heels boots that lengthen my leg a little …my husband less so.  What do you think?




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Outfit one

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Outfit two

Sequin top – here and here

Black vest – similar here and here

Faux fur collar – here and here

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Outfit Three

Jacket – similar here and here

Sweater – similar here and here

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