I wore these culottes in last weeks three ways to wear and promptly received comments from people telling me how much they liked them but that they weren’t sure they could pull them off, or that they had bought a similar pair but were struggling to know what to wear them with, so I thought I’d answer some of those queries the best way I know how…in a three ways to wear!


Despite what many of you think, a pair of jeans like these are pretty versatile, in fact, if you’re looking to introduce only one new item into your closet to update it this season, I suggest you make it a pair of culottes.  They can be worn both casually and dressy and are pretty flattering, BUT (and now this is the key) bear a few things in mind before parting with your cash:

1. Look for a pair with a high-rise as this will be the most flattering – the high-waist will counter balance the cropped leg, will highlight your waist (which is always a good thing in my eyes), and will make it much easier to tuck your tops in.

2. Choose a thick denim that holds well.  I tried a couple of pairs on in a thinner, stretchier denim and they kept riding up which is neither comfortable nor attractive!  The pair I’m wearing have reinforced pockets (which they call Magic Pockets) at the front which give me a little extra hold making them even more flattering.

3. Consider the length – my preference is 3-4 inches above my ankle as I think it’s the most flattering but this will totally depend on your height and personal preference.



The easiest way to wear jeans like these, is to wear them casually.  Pointy flats, slip-ons, sandals – all of these work brilliantly but here I’ve teamed them with my gladiator sandals.  They look fab with a tee or sweatshirt, but I wanted to opt for something a little more summery so chose this off the shoulder top from last year.  I’ve tucked it in (you’ll notice that I’ve tucked my tops into the trousers in all 3 outfits) because I wanted to lengthen my legs which are shortened by the cropped jeans, but if you’re fortunate enough to have nice long pins then this won’t be an issue for you!


I’ve been having fun dressing these jeans up.  If I’m wearing jeans on a night out, it’s normally a pair black skinny’s so these make a nice change.  They bring a relaxed element to the look which I love and which fits the South Carolinian vibe.  Pointy heels are my preferred option with these jeans, I think they look chic and understated, but a pair of statement heels would look just as great – have a play and see what floats your boat!


Now, I’m totally aware that this last outfit isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea it’s a bit of a Marmite outfit – you either love it or hate it.  I love it.  My husband doesn’t.   I mean let’s be honest, it’s not a look that should work.  Layering a dress over cropped wide leg pants?  That’s sure to make me look short, dumpy and bottom heavy, right?!  Well it doesn’t and that’s because of a few simple elements – the ruffles that broaden my narrow shoulders and balance the weight of the wide leg jeans, the slight flare of the dress that alludes to a waist, and the flatforms that give me height and lengthen my legs.  It shouldn’t work, but it does, and that makes me like it even more!

If cropped pants are your thing then you might want to check out this post and this post  that I wrote sharing even more ways to wear cropped trousers



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