Best Swimsuits For Big Busts [top tips and picks in 2024]

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January 31, 2024

Choosing the best swimsuits for your large bust can be extremely frustrating and difficult.  So it's no surprise that shopping for swimwear is right up there with jeans when it comes to the most difficult and hated item to buy.

We demand a lot of our swimwear, especially if you have large breasts - you not only need your bathing suit to provide shape, coverage, and confidence, but it must also give you support. It’s a lot to ask of a relatively small item of clothing!

But the good news is that when you know what to look for, and you know where to find it, shopping for swimwear is a lot easier and quicker.

And that's exactly what you're going to find out in this post.

I'm a personal stylist and for the past 18 years I've helped hundreds of women with a large bust build a wardrobe of clothes that they love wearing and feel amazing and confident in.  And this post shares my wealth of knowledge and experience with you, to help you find the perfect  swimwear for your large bust.  So, scroll on down to see exactly what the best swimwear is for your large bust!

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase a product via these links I will earn a small commission. This does NOT make the price higher for you, and I NEVER link to products that I wouldn’t recommend to my clients, or purchase myself. 

Want a quick answer?

these are 3 best swimsuits for large busts 



This amazingly supportive bra-sized, underwired swimsuit creates a fantastic shape and comes in a wide range of size options. Choose from short, reg, long and extra long body lengths, sizing that goes up to a 4X, and a cup size that goes up to a K.

sunshine halter bikini top

Pour Moi at Bare Necessities

Halter tops look great on a large bust!  This gorgeous, supportive bikini top has underwire cups, and comes in a bra size up to 30G.  You can purchase the bikini bottoms separately which is great if you need to size down on the bottom half.

The Perfect wrap one-piece


This wrap one-piece is the perfect styles to wear if you have a large bust. The low neckline breaks up the line across your bust to make it a little smaller.  And the wrap will narrow your torso and cinch you in at the waist. The color block effect adds an extra bust minimizing element!

This post is part of a series of articles on choosing the best swimsuits for your shape.

Some posts focus on specific frustrations (such as a larger bust, a small bust, a tummy, etc…), while others are for a particular body type (hourglass shape, pear shape, etc…). Each post contains a few tips on different swimsuit styles to look for and why, along with a selection of great styles to shop for now, so make sure you check out the other posts that are relevant to you below:

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what to look for when choosing swimwear for big boobs

If you’re top-heavy you’re probably looking for your swimwear to do one or all of the following:

  • You need the bathing suit to provide you with ample support in all the right places
  • You might want to minimize your bust
  • If you feel top-heavy you might want your swimwear to narrow your torso
  • You’ll want your swimwear to fit and flatter your curves perfectly

With that in mind, here are some things to keep in mind when you’re choosing swimsuits for big busts.


Choose swimwear that offers cup sizing in larger cup sizes

Whether you want separates or a one-piece swimsuit, the number one thing to look for is swimwear that comes in your bra size. This is the best way to ensure not only a perfect fit but the best support possible.

If you’re swimsuit shopping, here are some fantastic large bust swimwear brands that offer swimwear in cup sizing:

the best brands to buy cup size swimwear

  • Knix - this underwear brand sells swimwear in gorgeous colors and in a wide range of sizes: Up to XS - 4XL, and bra sizes from DD - G cup size and 28 - 44 band size.
  • Panache are well known for fantastic quality large cup size bra's, and their swimwear is no exception. They have one of the largest  ranges of sizes, starting at a 28D and going up to a 42 J 
  • Pour Moi is a British (who ship to the US!) lingerie and swimwear brand selling on-trend swimwear between 32 A - 44 J.
  • Cuup sell modern, chic swimwear, in a wide range of colours, and even wider range of sizes.  Their cup size swimwear ranges from a 30 - 44 band size and an A - H Cup size
  • Miraclesuit offers swimwear in cup size D to DDD, and back size 34 - 38. These are suits that have support AND shaping so not only do they fit well, but they’ll highlight your curves beautifully. 
  • Bare necessities sell a wide selection of famous large bust swimsuits between cups size D - K and band size 28 - 40.  You'll find the like of Fantasie, Freya and Panache.
  • ASOS - has one of the largest selections of on-trend swimwear for women with large busts.  Cup sizes start at DD and go up to G.  
  • Bravissimo is one of my favorite sites for sourcing swimwear for women with big boobs. Their range is wide - with their back size starting at 28 and going up to 42. And the cup sizes range from D - L...which I think is the largest of all the retailers listed here.  They're a British retailer, but they ship to the USA and offer free returns and exchanges from the USA, too!
  • Elomi is another UK brand that offers a fantastic range of under-band and cup sized swimwear for a large chest. Sizing ranges between a D – KK cup, and 32 – 48 band size.
  • Boden have a great selection of mix and match swimwear options, in cup sizes.  If you like bold prints, and strong colors, this is the place for you!

Those are my go-to swimwear brands for a large bust, but if you have any recommendations, let me know so I can add it to the list!


choose an swimwear with underwire

This is pretty essential when you're shopping for swimwear that will work for your large bust.   An underwire bikini top or tankini tops that are underwired will give you the best support, and are more likely to fit you better than styles without. 

If you don’t feel comfortable in underwired swimwear, look for swimwear that has a good-sized band underneath the cups like this to give you a little extra support.  


Pay attention to the color and pattern of your swimwear if you have big boobs

Dark colors recede, and light colors come to the forefront.  So, if you want to minimize your large bust, choose darker colors.

Color blocking is another great way to make your large bust look a little smaller.  Color blocking is the use of contrasting, different colors, or solid panels of color to create shape and illusion in a garment.

A great way to utilize color blocking when choosing swimwear, is to choose a tankini set or bikini set that has contrasting solid colors, top and bottom. Or opt for a two-tone swimsuit like this wrap style . It will break up the line across the bust and torso to narrow and slim.


highlight another asset

A great way to draw attention away from your larger chest is to showcase a different area of your body.

If you have a defined waistline choose high-waisted bottoms or high-waisted swimsuits to draw attention to your waist.

Another way to draw attention to a great waist is to choose swimwear that has waist detailing that  wraps around your middle like this. Or choose swimsuits that belt around the middle like this.

If you have great legs, look for swim bottoms that have a high leg to elongate and showcase your pins, instead of your bust.


Choose the best neckline for your large bust

Some swim tops will make your bust look larger, and others will make your chest look smaller. If you want to minimize your large bust, try some of these flattering bikini top and swimsuit top necklines:

  • A V-neck line will narrow your bust to minimize it a little, and it’s more likely to give you the perfect fit across the bust, too as the fabric is less likely to pull.
  • Plunging necklines are even better at minimizing a large bust than a v-neckline, but they’re often ruled out for fear they won’t offer you support. Yes, there are some skimpy and un-supportive plunging styles around, but there are also some plunge swimsuits that will offer ample support for your big boobs, like THIS cup-sized swimsuit, or THIS bikini top.
  • A sweetheart neckline is a great style on a large bust. The neckline lends itself to a wider strap that provides additional support, and the gentle v of the sweetheart draws the eye down to narrow your bust a little.
  • Wrap necklines are one of my favorite bathing suit styles if you have a big bust (they’re my favorite style of neckline for just about any top or dress style if you have a large chest). The neckline is typically a V-neck which (as you know) will narrow your large bust.  And the fabric that wraps around the torso/bust will narrow your torso and middle. If you have a large bust and a tummy, wrap swimsuits often come with tummy control that creates a fantastic shape, and makes it one of the most supportive swimsuit options.
  • Halter top styles are a good option for a large bust as they typically have a low neckline which fits and flatters a big chest well.


Choose swimwear that has wide straps

A thick shoulder strap will offer additional support for your bust and is less likely to dig in than thin straps, making them the most comfortable option.


look for swimwear that has adjustable straps

This is particularly important if you’re short in the upper body, or are petite. Adjustable shoulder straps like this swimwear or this option will enable you to get the right fit for your shape, and will also give you the best support and good coverage…no one likes to be pulling up their swim top every few seconds to keep everything in place.


consider purchasing seperates that can be mixed and matched in different sizes

Often, women with large busts need to wear a larger size bikini or tankini top than they do bikini bottoms. So buying a bikini set or tankini set often results in the top fitting but the bikini bottoms being too large.

If this happens to you, I recommend doing your swimsuit shopping with brands that stock separates. This will enable you to get the perfect fit, top and bottom.

The most flattering swimwear for a large bust, hourglass shaped, apple shaped body type | styles of swimwear that will minimize a large bust, flatter a large bust, support a large bust.



avoid swimwear with a high neckline

If you have big boobs, high-neck tankinis and high-neck swimsuits and bikinis will be difficult for you to get in a good fit - you’ll probably find that the swimwear pulls across your bust, and it may ride up, too.

The other issue with a high neckline on a large chest is that it can add bulk and volume that makes your bust look larger than it is, so you may want to avoid a high neckline.

If you like a high neckline, opt for a style like this that has some sheer paneling to break up the solid. Or something like this high neck bikini top that has a keyhole neckline, 


Ruffles and pleating are worth avoiding if you have a large bust.

Any detailing, such as pleating and tiered ruffles can add bulk to a bust which makes it look larger than it is. If you want to wear ruffles but feel top-heavy in them, opt for small ruffles on the straps like this,  or choose bikini bottoms with a ruffle instead.


Steer clear of string bikini sets if you have a large bust

A thin string bikini will give you next to no support, and little coverage, so if you have a large bust that needs both of those things, you may want to avoid string bikini tops.


Strapless swimwear is difficult to wear if you have a large bust

There are some strapless options that claim to stay put but I would be surprised if they stay put after swimming, so that’s something to consider.


Swimsuit shopping doesn't have to be frustrating and fruitless if you have a large bust.

I’ve been a personal stylist for 18 years, and I've sourced stylish swimwear for hundreds of women with larger chests, so I know exactly what to look for, and I know exactly where to get it.

If you have a large bust and are looking for flattering swimsuits that fit you well and make you feel amazing, I’ve got you.

My top swimwear picks of 2023 are shared below, so scroll on down to find your perfect swimsuit.

other swimwear questions you might have

what swimwear to wear if you have a belly

When you have a tummy that you feel self-conscious about, donning a swimsuit is something you do not look forward to. Thankfully, there are some fantastic swimwear options in different styles that will help you disguise a tummy bulge, and leave you feeling more confident, poolside.

This is how to make your stomach look smaller in a bathing suit:

Choose swimwear that offers extra support.

There are some wonderful supportive swimwear options around, that provide tummy control AND support for a large bust, without compromising on style.

  • Miraclesuit offers swimwear in a cup size D to DDD, and back size 34 - 38. These are suits that have support and shaping so, not only do they fit well, but they’ll highlight your curves beautifully.
  • Bravissimo  is one of my favorite sites for sourcing swimwear for women with large busts. Their range is wide - their back size starts at 28 and goes up to 42. And the cup-sizes range from D - L.  And many of their swimsuits offer additional support.
  • Spanx now sell a range of flattering supportive swimwear, in sizes from XS - 3X, that are beautiful to look and comfortable to wear. The styles are timeless and create full coverage support and shaping so you feel confident and comfortable in your swimwear.

Be selective with the color and print of your swimwear if you want to hide a tummy

Dark colors recede, and light colors come to the forefront. So,you can minimize your frame and tummy, simply by choosing swimwear in a darker color.

Colour blocking is another great way to make your large bust look a little smaller. Color blocking is the use of contrasting, different colors, or solid panels to create shape and illusion in a garment.

Choose a swimsuit in a small print. Small prints are a great way to disguise a mom belly as they keep the eye moving, rather than focusing on your tummy.

Choose a tankini if you want to disguise a tummy

And consider wearing a tankini if you want to hide a belly. There are lots of different styles of tankini sets. Some offer tummy control, others are just the perfect shape to minimize and disguise a tummy.

Here are 3 great tankini options if you want to hide a tummy:

If you want some expert tips on how to dress to hide a tummy, check out this article I wrote that shares my tried and tested tips for disguising a tummy and feeling confident in your clothes.

How to choose the most flattering swimsuit for your body type?

When it comes to choosing the perfect swimwear for your body type; rather than focus on your entire shape, break it down into elements that you need to consider. For example:

What size is your bust?  If you have a large bust, you will want to choose swimwear that has a low neckline and that offers you support.

Is your torso long, short, or regular?  Some brands offer a range of swimwear options in different torso lengths so if you know you have a long torso, make finding swimwear to fit that a priority.
Boden  has some great options if you need a specific torso fit. Albion have some pretty long torso swim options. And Summersalt is another fantastic option for shopping swimwear with different torso lengths.

want to know exactly which clothes work best dress for your body shape?

My easy to use guide will show you exactly which clothes work best for your body-shape, so you can (finally!) enjoy getting dressed!

The simple guide to dressing an hourglass shape

what swimsuit makes your bust look smaller?

If you want swimwear to make your bust look smaller, the best option is to choose a style that has a low neckline. Low necklines draw the eye in and down to narrow your torso, and they break up the line across the bust to make it look smaller.

The worst swimsuit style to choose if you want to make your bust look smaller, is a high neckline because these draw attention to your large chest and add weight and volume to your bust that will make it look larger than it is.


Finding swimwear that looks good and makes you feel confident and provides you with support and coverage, can be tricky when you have a large bust. 

But if you follow the tips in this post, and try some of the swimwear options I've linked, you'll find a bathing suit that makes you feel confident and beautiful, pool side.

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