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September 28, 2022

This weeks #threewaystowear is a little different to normal.  Rather than pick one item to style three different ways, I thought I would pick a micro trend and share three ways that you might integrate that into your style.  I’m going to continue to share my traditional 3 ways to wear posts, but some of you have requested help with incorporating the trends into your wardrobe so I figured this might be a good way to address that!  The micro trend I’m featuring today is the dress over trousers/pants trend that is growing in popularity.

It’s a great combination if summer hasn’t yet made an appearance, or if you’re not comfortable getting your pins out on show.  And I like the quirkiness and edginess that it can bring to a look.


This outfit is probably the quirkiest of all the looks.  Teaming culottes (I chose denim as that’s what I had in my closet, but any type will work) with a knee length dress probably isn’t the first combination that pop’s into your head, and I was a little unsure when I pulled it from my closet, but I quite like it.  It’s quite a departure from my own personal style but these posts aren’t about my own personal style (although there will always be a little of that in each outfit as these are my clothes!), they’re about providing you with a variety of options so that you might find something that relates to you and your style.  A couple of things to note with this outfit are: the nude pointy heels which elongate my legs a little, and the cinched waist that also helps to lengthen my legs.  A combination like this has the potential to swamp me and be rather unflattering but highlighting my waist and lengthening my legs negates that.




A great way to wear a dress casually is to team it with relaxed denim.  Mom jeans, like the pair I’m wearing above, are perfect as they have a slightly tapered hem and are relaxed without being very baggy.  You’ll notice I’m wearing a pointy toe again and while it probably lengthens my leg somewhat, the main reason for this choice of shoes is that I wanted something that would sharpen the look a little.  I’ve also removed the matching belt that came with this dress and swapped it for a narrow tan belt to break up the mass of dress which would otherwise shorten my legs too much for my liking.


If you’re new to this trend and nervous about trying it then layering your favorite summer dress over skinny jeans is the simplest way to ease you’re self in.  It’s probably the most ‘Niki’ way to wear this trend, too – I particularly love mixing ripped jeans with pretty dresses and leather, it’s the perfect mix of soft and hard!  There isn’t much to think about when layering these two pieces, you can pretty much pull any dress and any skinny jeans and you’re good to go.  I opted for heels as I wanted to create a slightly more dressy look, but flats would be just as perfect, as would kicks or converse!  Go with whatever suits your personal style!

Is there a particular trend you want to try but aren’t sure how to integrate into your closet?  Let me know in the comments below, or email me here!

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