The best swimwear for pear shaped women in 2024

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February 12, 2024

If you are looking for the best swimwear for pear shaped women, then you are in the right place.

I am so pleased you found me! For the past 18 years I’ve been helping pear shaped women like you, put outfits together that they love wearing, so I know exactly which swimwear will fit and flatter your pear body shape best.

AND, I’m pear shaped, too!  So I not only have 18 years experience styling other pear shapes, I also have first-hand experience of what works and what doesn’t, so I totally understand the frustrations you're experiencing.  They go something like this...

The best swimwear for pear shape body women
  • One-piece swimsuits are often too tight on the bottom half, or too loose on the top half
  • Oh, and they can also be too short in the body…just to add to the frustration
  • Bikini bottoms can make your pear shape look larger on the bottom half, and they are often a size too small when purchased as a set
  • And bikini tops gape at the bust, and are often too large around the band

Well, those frustrations end today!

This post shares everything I’ve learned about finding the best swimwear for pear shapes, along with my top swimwear picks for the pear body shape in 2024, so you can stop stressing about wearing swimwear, and start enjoying the sun and sea!

This is what's in this post 👇

Want a quick answer?

These are the 3 best swimwear options for a pear body shape in 2024 

isla swim top

Hill House Home

This is the perfect bikini top for pear shapes!  The ruffled sleeve adds a little width to your shoulders which will balance your wider hips, creating a more balanced silhouette.

carlie cutout swimsuit


This one-piece has it all: Color blocking that highlights your top half and your waist, a tie around the middle that enhances your defined waist, high-waist, high-leg bottom that will flatter your gorgeous pear shape curves!

bandage halter neck swimsuit

Karen Millen

This chic swimsuit is perfect for your pear shape. The high neckline will draw the eye up, and add a little weight to your small bust to create a more balanced frame.

The best swimwear for pear shapes
Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase a product via these links I will earn a small commission. This does NOT make the price higher for you, and I NEVER link to products that I wouldn’t recommend to my clients, or purchase myself. 

these are the 5 main characteristics of a pear body-shape

If you recognized any of the frustrations I mentioned earlier, the chances are high that you have a pear body shape.

But the info in this post will only work for you if you really do have a pear shape, so before you scroll down and find out what is the best swimwear for the pear body shape, let's check your shape aligns with these 5 characteristics of a pear body-shape:

  • Your shoulders are narrower than your hips, which makes you look bottom heavy
  • You have a defined waist
  • You have a small to average bust size
  • You typically wear a larger clothing size on your bottom half
  • And your torso is longer than your legs

If you identify those characteristics, then you are probably a pear shape.  But if you're still not sure:

how to choose swimwear that looks good on a pear body-shape

Shopping for swimwear as a pear shape shouldn't be depressing.  As a pear shape you have such a beautiful curvy frame that looks gorgeous in swimwear...and some swimwear looks BETTER on a pear shape than on any other shape!  

I'm determined to show you how good you can look in swimwear, so the first thing I need to do is explain what you should be looking for (and why) when you're choosing swimwear ⬇

12 things that will help you choose swimwear that looks good on a pear shape


choose styles with a high-waist

Despite what you might think, a high-waist bikini bottom can be really flattering.  The high waistline will:

  •  Highlight and enhance your defined waist
  • And draw the eye up and away from your bottom half

I recommend choosing a style with a high leg as well as a high waist (something like this) as doing so will not only narrow your hips and bottom, it will also make your legs look longer which will make you look less bottom heavy.


go for less coverage on the bottom half

I know it's tempting to cover up, but swimwear that covers a larger area can actually make you look larger than you are.

I recommend a 'cheeky' style bikini bottom that offer a little less coverage across your bottom like this bikini


buy separates that can be mixed and matched

Pear body-shapes often wear a different clothing size on the top and bottom, so buying separates that can be mixed and matched gives you the ability to buy 2 different sizes - one for the bikini bottom, and a smaller size for the top.

Buying bikini separates also gives you the freedom to mix and match the best swimwear styles, colors and prints for a pear shape. For example:

  • Wearing a dark color on your bottom half, and a lighter, brighter color on your top half will help to make your bottom half look a little smaller, and your top half a little larger - this will make your overall frame look more balanced.
  •  Wearing a high rise, high leg bikini bottom with a halter neck bikini top will narrow your bottom half and broaden your top half.
  • You can also team 2 different prints to create  a more balanced frame.  Wear horizontal stripes on your top half to broaden you, and combine this with a small ditsy print on the bottom half to narrow your hips.

Top Tip

If you want more tips on dressing to suit a pear shape, check out this comprehensive post I wrote that shares everything you need to know about the pear body shape!


sheer panels and cut out detailing are a pear shapes friend!

Use sheer paneling  like this and cut out details like this to your advantage.  

Sheer paneling and cut outs are fantastic at narrowing a frame and drawing attention to the areas you want to highlight.


Choose high necklines + halternecks

As a pear shape your shoulders will be narrower than your hips, and this can make your shape look unbalanced, or bottom heavy. 

High necklines like this  and halter necks like this do a fantastic job of broadening narrow shoulders which balances them with the hips, creating a more balanced looking silhouette.  

By choosing swimwear that has a high neck of halter-neck you will instantly look more in proportion.


look for styles that tie at the back

One of the issues you may find when looking for the best swimwear for a pear shape, is that bikini tops are too large around the bikini band.  If this happens to you, I recommend choosing bikini tops (or one-piece) that you can tie at the back like this.


use print to your advantage

Prints have the ability to minimize (vertical strips and small prints) and emphasize (horizontal stripes and bold prints), so if you can find the right combination like this that swimsuit that has a bold print on the top and a smaller print on the bottom half, you can narrow your hips AND broaden your torso at the same time creating a much more balanced frame.


choose styles that have ruffles and volume on the top half

Any detailing that adds volume to you top half (like this ruffle sleeve swimsuit) will draw the eye up and away from your bottom half, whilst adding volume to your top half to balance your hips.  


consider swimwear that has a small sleeve

Swimwear that has a sleeve  (cap sleeve, puff sleeve, ruffle sleeve...) is great for pear shapes as the sleeve will broaden your shoulders to balance your wider hips. 

It  It also draws the eye up and away from your bottom half.


Choose off the shoulder styles

I love off the shoulder swimwear for pear shapes!   The neckline draws a line right across your arms and torso, broadening your top half to balance your bottom half.


go for wide straps, not thin straps

Narrow straps always make narrow shoulders look narrower, and this will make your hips look wider than they are.  So avoid wearing swimwear that has spaghetti straps and opt for a wider strap like this bikini instead.


look for waist detailing

Pear shapes have a defined waist, no matter your size, so if you choose swimwear that highlights or enhances your waist, you will be showcasing one of your best assets, and drawing attention away from any areas you want to disguise.  This is a great example of a one piece that will highlight your curves

digital guide

how to dress a pear body shape

See exactly what the most and least flattering clothes are for your shape, so you can confidently shop for clothes that look good on you!

the best bikini styles for a pear shape

Now you know what to look for when choosing the best swimwear for a pear body shape, I can show you exactly what those styles look like, and where to buy them from this season!

illustrations of bikini  top styles that suit a pear body shape
illustrations of bikini bottom styles that suit a pear body shape

These are the 14 best bikini's for pear shapes in 2024 

All these bikinis will help to balance your pear shaped frame, highlight your defined waist and showcase your gorgeous curves!

the best swimsuit styles for a pear shape

If you want to know which swimsuits and bathing suits are the best choice for a pear body-shape, keep scrolling down...

illustrations of swimsuit styles that suit a pear body shape

These are the 20 best one-piece swimsuits for pear shapes in 2024 

These one-piece swimsuits are the best of the bunch this season.  They will flatter your curves, create a more balanced silhouette and will showcase your defined waist:

the best swimwear styles for a pear shape - plus size

The best swimwear for pear shaped plus size are swimsuits and bikinis that highlight your waistline, and showcase your curves:

  • Look for swimwear that has waist ties or banding around the waist that cinches you in like this swimsuit.
  •  Go for wide straps or halter necklines rather than thin spaghetti straps
  • Choose styles that have a mid to high-leg as this will elongate your legs and draw the eye up to your waistline
  • And look for styles that have print on the top and solid on the bottom, like this swimsuit

This is the best 10 swimwear for pear shape-  plus size in 2024

Looking for the best swimwear for pear body shapes when you're a plus size?  I've got you!  These are my favorite options this season:

frequently asked questions about swimwear for pear body shapes

Below are some other questions I get asked about choosing swimwear for pear shapes.  If you have any others, let me know by getting in touch here.

what swimwear looks best on a pear body-shape?

The swimwear styles that looks best on a pear body shape, are swimsuits and bikinis that balance your bottom heavy frame and show off your defined waistline.  Look for styles that:

  • Broaden your shoulders to balance your hips.  The best styles for adding breadth to narrow shoulders are halternecks, capped sleeves, high necklines, and off the shoulder styles.
  • Showcase your defined waist.  The easiest way to do this is to choose swimwear that had a waist tie, a band around the waist, a high rise bottom, or sheer paneling / cut out details that draw the eye in to your waist.
  • Elongate and narrow your bottom half.  Styles that have a high rise and high leg will be the best way to do this.

Want more tips?

Get my Simple Guide To Dressing A Pear Shape for only  $65!  It will show you exactly what the most and least flattering clothes are for your pear body-shape, so you have some easy rules to follow!

what swimwear is best for wide hips?

The best swimwear for wide hips are styles that have a high waist and a high leg - this will draw the eye away from your hips and up to your waistline, and will elongate your legs.

how do you hide belly fat in a swimsuit?

If you want to hide your  belly in a swimsuit, here are some great options for you:  

  • Ruching across the tummy - this will disguise a tummy and create a little shaping
  • Prints are a good option.  A print will keep the eye moving, rather than looking at one area, so they do a great job of hiding a belly.
  • Go for 'control' swimwear that is designed to slim and smooth.  Spanx and Miraclesuit are my go-to's for support swimwear
  • And consider a tankini like this

how do I choose a swimsuit for my body-type?

First you want to identify what your body shape is.  There are 4 main body-types:  Pear shape (aka triangle), Column shape (aka the ruler), hourglass shape (aka figure of 8), and apple shape (aka inverted triangle).

You may have characteristics of two body types (which is totally normal, by the way),  I refer to this as having a 'primary' body shape and a 'secondary' body shape.  

So if you don't slot neatly into just one body-type category, don't worry.   Just choose the one that you align with the most and start dressing to suit that.  

You can tweak your clothing choices to suit your secondary shape as you become more confident putting outfits together.

If you don't know what your body shape is, there are 3 things you can do to find out:

  1. 1
    Take my FREE body-shape quiz here
  2. 2
    Purchase a Body Shape Analysis for only $27 and I'll TELL you exactly what your shape is
  3. 3
    Or, head on over to this post for 3 exercises you can do that will help you get a better understanding of your shape.

When you have identified what your primary shape is, you can start to think about the swimwear styles you choose to wear, and how they might change or enhance your proportions and characteristics.  For example:

  • If you are a pear shape, you might want to choose swimwear that makes your bottom heavy frame look more balanced and in proportion -Halter neck styles, high necklines and high rise bottoms are all great style choices for achieving a more balanced frame
  • If you are apple shape, you might want to choose swimwear that makes your top heavy frame look more balanced and in proportion - choosing swimwear that has low necklines a low rise legs will be a great way to achieve this.
  • If you are a column shape, you might want to choose swimwear that creates a curvier frame - look for detailing that cinches you in at the waist, like waist ties, belts, and cut out detailing.
  • And if you are an hourglass shape, you might want to choose swimwear that maintains your balanced frame, showcases your curves, and supports your bust - choose swimwear that comes in cup sizes and that has detailing to cinch you in at the waist.


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