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September 7, 2022

We all know someone who personifies chic, who is ‘elegantly and stylishly fashionable’ (as defined in the English Oxford Dictionary). These are the women who seem to have an innate ability to gently blend their personal style with the latest trends. They always look well dressed, their style compliments them perfectly and they never look out of date…yet on no occasion will you ever see them dressed head to toe in the latest fashion trends,

They have successfully and seamlessly fused the latest fashion trends with their own style, so much so, that you can’t tell the two apart from each other. They are, in my option, the most stylish people you will ever meet.  But sadly, this ability doesn’t come naturally to the majority of us. Many of us are left baffled as to how on earth we’re going to adapt the trends to suit us and our lifestyle, and struggle to evolve our style.  And I know that if ignored, this can very quickly turn into a downward spiral that leaves you feeling left lost and in a rut. But don’t lose hope! I have a ton of experience integrating the trends into looks subtly without sacrificing style, appearance or comfort, and I’m sharing 6 of the easiest ways to do so, below:

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1 //  Do your research

Find out what the latest trends are.  Gather as much information as you can about the latest colors, shapes and styles, and make a note of the ones that you think will suit you and your lifestyle the most. You don’t need to spend hours researching the trends, even just a basic knowledge can take you far. Here are a few websites that I recommend to get you started:

WWD’s fashion trend page this is extremely comprehensive!

Grazia, online  – This is my favorite magazine for keeping up with trends, it’s a weekly publication so is super current…but sadly Grazia doesn’t seem to have a publication in the US so subscribe to the online publication and regularly visit the website

Refinery29.com – covers absolutely every fashion trend going

Telegraph fashion online – Another UK site…but what can I say, I’m British so am biased!

You might also want to check out my Pinterest feed

Once you’ve decided which trends work for the best and that you like the most.  Take it with oyu when you’re shopping and hunt down a ew pieces that fit your brief!  Focusing on a selection like this will make it less overwhelming and will help you to buy pieces that suit you, rather than wasting money on things that don’t work with what you have, that you won’t wear.


2 //  Forget what everyone else is doing

Especially if you like to take inspiration from Instagram.  And don’t feel under pressure to buy into a trend that doesn’t really appeal to you or work for you. In the words of Michael Kors:  “Personal style is being able to say no. No one who we think of as a woman of great style was a fashion victim.

I know it’s easy to get swept up in the craze of the latest ‘Instagram famous’ dress, but take a few minutes to ask yourself if you really like something before buying it.  It’s easy to warm to somethgn you didn’t like if you’re shown it enough times.  Don’t fall into that trap. You’ll struggle to know how to wear it, and won’t feel like ‘you’ in it either.


3 //  Identify which trends DO appeal to you and invest in as much or as little of the trend as you are comfortable with

For example, if the current trend for statement sleeves piques your interest but you don’t usually wear structured pieces, it might be a tad intimidating going all in.  Opt for a softer, more subtle version like this instead.  Never let a trend define your style, take it and make it suit you.


4 //  Add just one or two ‘hero’ pieces to your collection

These are the items that slot seamlessly into your current collection but update it instantly.  A great example of some hero pieces this season (AW2019) would be a pair of snakeskin booties like these, or a pair of straight leg corduroy pants or a waist cinching belt – this is definitely one of the pieces I will be adding to my collection this winter.


5 //  Pay attention to the fabrics that are in fashion for the season

A simple way to update your collection is to introduce a new fabric, but in a familiar cut or style.  For example, velvet is a popular fabric for aw 2019 so if you have a penchant for tailored jackets, consider purchasing a jacket like this one in a velvet fabric. If you like to wear winter floral’s, there are some gorgeous floral velvet’s that will instantly update your collection, without taking you too far from what’s comfortable. will update your look. The key here is to make the integration as seamless as possible to ensure that you will want to wear them, and will feel comfortable doing so.


6 /  Focus on accessories.

Adding a trend to your collection in the form of an accessory is the SIMPLEST way to subtly update your collection.  I’ve mentioned belts and shoes already, but don’t forget about handbags and scarves.


It’s important to evolve at a pace which is right for you. For some people that means completely changing their look all at once, for others, it’s baby steps. The fashion trends that come (and go) with each season offer us a fantastic opportunity to take our style in a new direction, so don’t ignore them or shy away from them.  Embrace the changes and try something different. But if you’re struggling, remember that you don’t have to go it alone.  I offer online shopping services that have freed hundreds of women from disappointing outftis, and I’d love to help you dress to make the most of your shape and build a closet you love wearing!  So get in touch!

If you’re looking for more tip on nailing your personal style, check out this post I wrote where I share my tips for getting out of a style rut: How to get out of a style rut

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