Clothing can add volume, create shape, re-balance, highlight and disguise, but if you don’t have a good understanding of your shape and what you might want to re-balance or highlight, or where you might want to add volume or shape, you may well end up spending money on clothes that don’t look as good as you’d hoped they would.

A really great way to get a better understanding of your shape is to align it with one of the 4 elementary body-types (you’ll have heard of them – Apple Pear, Hourglass and Column) as this will help to simplify your shape, making it easier for you to identify your attributes and to figure out your proportions.

But there’s more to this body-type malarkey than just simplifying your shape.




1/ Identifying your body-type helps you to understand some of the frustrations you might have with your shape.

For example, if your shape is most like the Pear body-type then you’ll discover that the reason you struggle to find jeans that don’t gape at the back is because you’re curvier on the bottom half than your top half, and you have a defined waist that many jeans styles don’t account for. And once why you’re experiencing frustration, you can start to look for ways to solve it. So, in the case of jeans for pear shapes, you can start to look for styles that are tailored for a curvy fit.

2/ Uncovering which of the elementary body-types you align with the most can give you a sense of belonging or camaraderie.

There’s something reassuring about discovering you’re not alone, that you’re not the only one struggling to wear certain clothing styles because of your shape. It’s a relief to know that there are others struggling with similar frustrations as you!

3/ The process of uncovering your body-type can sometimes encourage you to look at your body as a whole rather than focus on the areas we’re less happy with…which is what most of us naturally do.

Once you start to look at your shape as a whole, you start to notice great things you’d not seen before, such as a defined waist, a wonderful long neck, or great legs!

4/ It helps you to build a kinder, more honest view of your shape.

So often the way you see your shape is much more critical and less kind than how others view your shape. And if you can bring your view of your shape more inline with how others see you, more in line with what it actually looks like, you’ll begin to focus less on those things that bothered you about your shape and you’ll notice your confidence start to grow. I know that when I started to assess my shape properly, I was surprised to learn that my top and bottom half aren’t as unbalanced as I had thought and I started to worry less about whether something made me look bottom heavy and started to focus on my defined waist

5/ And finally, it helps you to dress your shape so you make the absolute best of it

Identifying which of the 4 elementary body-types is most like yours enables you to find and follow a set of general guidelines to dressing to flatter your shape, and will give you more focus and more confidence when you go shopping.


So, you see, uncovering what your body-type is, is a fantastic learning experience that can boost confidence, and it’s a great way to start learning how to dress to make the most of your shape so you can begin creating outfits you love wearing.

If you don’t know what your body-type is, and you’d like to find out, I’ve created a simple quiz for you that will tell you in a matter of minutes!

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