The most flattering jeans for apple shaped women

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Finding jeans that ​create definition at the waist ​​and that don't gape around the hips can be a real struggle if you're apple shaped. But once you know what styles and elements to look for in a pair of jeans, jeans shopping becomes much less stressful, and much more fruitful! 

In this post I'm sharing...

My top 5 tips for buying jeans when you're ​apple shaped

And the most flattering jeans for ​apple shaped women in 2020

So scroll on down to learn what to look for and where to find it!

If you're not sure ​if you're an apple shape, take my quiz below before you go any further, as ​if you're not an   shape, then the tips and styles below might not work for you!?

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1/  tip one for buying jeans when you're apple shaped​

Buy the smallest jeans size you can.  I know you're probably reluctant to buy jeans that feel a little snug, but denim almost ALWAYS relaxes a little, even expensive denim does, so it's a good idea to buy jeans that feel a little tight ​when you try them on as this allows for them relaxing.  ​Try on your usual size, and a pair that are half a size smaller, and if you can get into the smaller pair, I recommend going for those.  They should relax to the right size after a few hours of wear.

2 / Tip ​two for buying jeans when you're apple shaped.

Go for styles that have a little volume of pleating below the waist band.  ​Paper bag waists and pleats will add a little volume below your waistline that will give you slightly fuller hips and create a more defined waist.

 3/ tip three for buying jeans when you're apple shaped.

Look for styles that have fading and whiskering. These  ​can add interest and depth to a pair of jeans that creates the look of a curvier silhouette.

4/  tip four for buying jeans when you're apple shaped

​Avoid styles in a 'curvy' cut.  These tend to have a smaller waist and are designed for rounder hips, so you may find they are tight around your middle, and loose across the hips and thighs.  Regular cuts that have a slightly straighter cut will be a much better fit.

5/  tip five for buying jeans when you're apple shaped

​Straight cuts will be one of the best fits for you.  They will fit your waist well and won't gape around the hips and thighs.



1 - I lovethese cropped kick flares on apple shaped women.  The gentle flare at the hem helps to balance your shoulders a little, which will create a more balanced frame.

2 - These ​slim straight leg jeans have a high rise that will add a little definition to your waist, a straight leg that will fit well, and a little fading that creates a curvier silhouette.

3 - These cropped straight leg jeans are a great shape for apple shaped women.  The waist will fit well, and the straight leg will help to balance your shoulders to create a more balanced frame.

4 - If you tend to feel a little top heavy in a skinny jean, try these.  They have a slightly wider ankle so won't emphasize your narrower legs as much as a tighter skinny. They also have faded details that create a slightly curvier silhouette.

5 - These wide leg jeans are fantastic on apple shapes; they hug the waist and skim straight down to create slightly broader hips that balance your broad shoulders.

6 - These jeans have a paperbag waist and waist tie both of which create more definition at the waist and a curvier bottom half.

7 - Flares are a fantastic way to create curves!  I love this pair of Skinny Flares, they fit well and are a nice soft stretch denim that's comfortable. They come in regular and petite lengths, too, so if you’re 5"3 and under, go for the shorter length. 

8 - These tapered jeans are a slightly loose fit that will add a little weight and volume to your bottom half.  This will help to balance your top half and create a more defined waist.

9 – These ‘Wedgie Straight Fit Jeans’ are a fantastic fit for apple shaped women that creates a rounder bum and fuller thighs.  They also have a high rise that adds  little definition to your waist. 

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