The most flattering jeans for apple shaped women in 2024

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April 8, 2024

Jeans are the one item of clothing that my clients ALWAYS ask me to find. There are so many styles and cuts to choose from, yet they are one of the most difficult pieces to get in a good fit, and if you have an apple body shape, you will find it especially difficult to find the best jeans for an apple shape.

Apple shaped women will often find that jeans are too loose in the hip area, yet too tight around your waist. Jeans will sometimes work their way down throughout the day too, so you probably find yourself regularly pulling up your jeans.

The reason you experience these frustrations with jeans is because so many jeans are created for a curvy bottom half, but you have slim legs, narrow hips, and a fuller middle, with little definition between your waist and hips...a curvy bottom half, you do not have!

But, don't worry, if you are struggling to find jeans for your apples shape, you are right where you need to be.

Over the past 17 years, I’ve helped hundreds of apple shaped women find their perfect pair of jeans, and I'm going to share my wealth of shopping and styling knowledge with you, right here, right now, because once you know what styles and elements to look for in a pair of jeans, choosing jeans that look good on your apple shape is much less stressful, and much more fruitful!

  • I tell you exactly what to look for, and what to avoid when choosing jeans for your apple shape
  • I tell you which shops are the best for jeans for apple shaped women
  • And I share the jeans I'm putting my apple shaped clients in, in 2023

So, scroll on down to find your perfect pair of jeans, so you can finally stop wasting time and money on jeans that don't fit and look crap on!

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase a product via these links I will earn a small commission. This does NOT make the price higher for you, and I NEVER link to products that I wouldn’t recommend to my clients, or purchase myself. 

Want a quick answer?

Here are my top three jeans for apple shapes in 2023


good legs cigarette jeans

Good American jeans fit a whole host of body shapes, but this pair in particular are fantastic fo apple shapes.  The waist adapts to fit, and the slightly tapered cigarette leg will create a curvier silhouette.

flare jeans

I love Spanx jeans for apple body shapes - they have a flat front and gentle support which sculpts and smooths, whilst being incredibly comfortable!

the original cheeky jean

Everlane's Original Cheeky jeans are fantastic.  The denim is a little stiffer than most so it will hold your shape well, and add a little curve to your bottom half. It's one of my fave shapes for an apple!

10 tips for buying jeans when you're  apple shaped

An image of an apple shaped black woman sitting on steps wearing a striped top and jeans illustrating the best jeans for an apple shape

Buying jeans when you have an apple shape, shouldn't be a disappointing, depressing experience!  I'm sharing my top 10 tips for what to look for when choosing jeans for your apple shape, to help you finally find your perfect pair!


choose the right size when buying jeans for an apple shape

Buy the smallest jeans size you can. I know you're probably reluctant to buy jeans that feel a little snug, especially around the waist, but denim almost ALWAYS relaxes a little, even expensive denim does, so it's a good idea to buy jeans that feel a little tight when you try them on as this allows for them to relax.  

If you buy them to fit perfectly when you try them on, they will relax, and work their way down as you wear them.

My advice is to try on 2 sizes when you’re buying jeans - your usual size, and a pair that are half a size smaller. If you can get into the smaller pair, I recommend going for those. They should relax to the right size after a few hours of wear.


look for denim that adds a little volume to your bottom half when choosing jeans for an apple shape

As an apple shape, you’ll carry most of your weight on your top half, which can sometimes make your frame look a little top heavy.

A good way to balance your proportions is to choose jeans styles that will add a little volume or weight to your bottom half.

Great examples of this would be these tapered leg jeans, these balloon leg jeans,  paper bag waist jeans, cargo jeans and even jeans that have embroidery.

All of these styles will add a little volume below your waistline that will give you slightly fuller hips and create a more defined waist.


choose jeans that have fading and whiskering if you have an apple shape

Both these do a fantastic job of adding interest and depth to a pair of jeans, which will create the look of a curvier silhouette.


avoid 'curvy' cut jeans if you are an apple shape

Curvy cut jeans are not suited to an apple body shape. They are designed to fit pear or hourglass shaped women who have a defined waist and wide hips.

If you have ever tried on a pair of curvy cut jeans, you will notice that they really dig into your waist and are super baggy at your hips and thighs.

Regular cuts that have a slightly straighter cut will be a much better fit.


choose jeans in a striaght cut if you have an apple body shape

Straight cuts will be one of the best fits for you. They are cut for a straighter figure, so will be more likely to fit your waist AND your hips and thighs.


Pay attention to the back pockets when choosing jeans for an apple shape

Pockets on the back of the jeans will add a little weight and volume to boost a butt.  But beware, some back pockets can make a butt look flatter and smaller, so you'll want to make sure you choose the right pockets:

  • Pockets with flaps or buttons will add a little volume and shape
  • Pockets that sit lower down and are spaced wider apart will make your bottom look wider and curvier.

BUT, pockets that sit high up on your butt (some high-rise jeans are guilty of this) can make your bottom look long and flat, so may be less flattering.


if you're self conscious about your tummy, look for jeans that offer a little support

There are some great options available to you if you want some support or a little butt lift from your jeans.

Spanx jeans, NYDJ jeans, Wit and Wisdom jeans, Democracy jeans and Madewell jeans all sell jeans that offer a range of support from light to firm.


Jeans with a flat front are a great option for apple shapes

Buttons, hooks and zippers all add a little bulk to your tummy, so if you want to hide your middle area, look for jeans that have a flat front. Spanx and Wit and Wisdom are my two go-tos for slimming jeans with a flat front.


jeans in a heavy weight denim are a great choice for apple bodys shapes

Heavier weight, starchy fabrics will add a little shape and volume to your bottom half to balance your larger top half. 


choose high-rise jeans if you have an apple body shape

High-rise jeans are a great option if you have an apple body shape. Not only are they typically more comfortable than a low or mid rise (which will cut you across the middle and create a muffin top) they will also create a more defined waistline, lengthen your legs, and provide you with a little support to hold your tummy in.

There are different length rises when it comes to a high-rise, so you will want to try on a few to see what fits you the best.

the 10 best jeans styles for apple shaped women

I know it probably seems like NO jeans are made for your apple shape, but I am here to tell you that there are lots of options out there for you!

These 10 jeans styles will fit your waist and hips, won't slide down, will balance your proportions, and create a curvier silhouette.


cropped kick flares are great on apple shapes

I love a cropped kick flare on apple shaped women. The gentle flare at the hem helps to balance your shoulders a little, which will create a more balanced frame.  And the cropped length shows off your ankles!


straight leg jeans are perfect for apple shapes

Straight leg jeans are made for apple shaped women. They will hug your waist and hang straight down to create a curvier silhouette.

These cropped straight leg jeans are a great shape for apple shaped women. The waist will fit well, and the straight leg will help to balance your shoulders to create a more balanced frame.

And these
shaping straight jeans are a fantastic fit for apple shaped women that creates a rounder bum and fuller thighs, whilst offering a little support to your tummy.


wide leg jeans are a great option for apple shaped women

Wide leg jeans are fantastic on apple shapes; they hug the waist and skim straight down to create slightly broader hips that balance your broad shoulders.

they will be loose at your hips and thighs, but they are supposed to hang down loosely, so don't let that trouble you!


slim leg jeans are a better option than skinny jeans if you have an apple body shape

Skinny jeans will highlight your slim legs and narrow hips, which can make your top half look larger than it is, and your overall shape less balanced.

If you want to wear a skinny jeans, but do feel a little top heavy in them try a slim leg jean instead as they have a slightly wider ankle so won't emphasize your narrower legs as much as a tighter skinny. 


paperbag waist jeans are made for apple shapes

A paperbag waist, is a waist that has a ruffle of fabric above the waist band, and some pleating or gathering below the waist band - it's what a paperbag looks like when you grip it by the top!

Jeans (and pants) that have a paperbag waist are on of THE BEST styles for creating shape and volume around the hip and thigh area.  They also add a little definition to your waistline, making them the perfect option for your apple body shape, in both fit and shape!


flares look great on apple shapes

Flares are a fantastic way to create curves! The flared hem will balance your shoulders and middle, and create a curvier silhouette.

There's a wide range of flares from skinny to wide-leg flares, so experiment to find out what works best for your apple shape and your style.


tapered leg jeans are a flattering jean style for apple shapes

Tapered leg jeans will add a little weight and volume to your hip and thigh area, so they make a great option for an apple shape.


bootcut jeans are a great option for apple shapes

Bootcut jeans are a classic, and are a great option if you want to add a little balance and shape to your apple shape, but you don't want to wear flares.


cargo jeans are great on apple shaped women

Cargo jeans have pockets and shaping at the hip and thigh area that will add a little weight and shape to your narrow hips.  An apple shape is one of the few body shape that can wear cargo jeans and pants and look good in them!  And this season they are on trend so make the most of it!


barrel leg jeans look good on apple shapes

Barrel leg jeans (and Balloon leg jeans) are a style of jeans that balloon out at the side and taper to a narrow ankle, which will add shape and volume to narrow hips and thighs, to balance a larger top half.  

what to avoid when choosing jeans for an apple body shape

Here are some tips for what to avoid when you are shopping for jeans as an apple shaped women.

  • Avoid jeans that have a button fly if you are an apple shape. A button fly does two things:
    1/  It draws the eye to your tummy
    2/  It adds bulk to your belly
    If you are an apple shape who has a tummy, you will want to avoid a button fly. A concealed zipper or flat front will be much more flattering.
  • Avoid curvy cut jeans if you have an apple body shape. Curvy cut jeans are created for women who have curvy hips that are wider than her waist, so they are cut with a smaller waist and have extra room at the butt and thighs.   As an Apple shape, your waist will be larger than, or a similar size to your hips and butt, so curvy cut jeans will not fit well - they will dig into your waist, and bag at the hips and thighs.  Choose a straight leg jean instead, it will fit and flatter you a whole lot more!
  • Avoid a low - mid rise jean if you are apple shaped. Mid - low cut jeans cut you across the middle (or just below) and create a muffin top. They are also more likely to slide down than jeans with a higher rise.
  • Avoid very skinny jeans if you are an apple shaped women. As an apple shape you will have slim legs, narrow hips and a larger top half with broad shoulders. When you wear skinny jeans they highlight and enhance your slim legs, which in turn, makes your top half look larger than it is, and your shape less balanced than it is. If you want to wear a skinny jeans, try choosing a slim leg instead, or go for a skinny jean with a slightly wider ankle than a typical skinny jeans.
  • Avoid skinny or slim leg jeans that have a crease if you are an apple shape.  A crease down the front of a pair of slim leg or skinny jeans will draw the eye in to narrow and elongate the leg, which can sometimes make an apple shape look more top heavy than she is.

these are the best jeans for apple shaped women in 2023

These are my absolute favorite jeans in 2023 for apple shaped women.  Many of them are now hanging in my apple shaped clients wardrobes, so scroll on down to find a pair that works for you!

these are the best brands to shop for jeans if you have an apple body shape

These are the retailers I regularly use when I am shopping for jeans for my apple shaped clients:

  • Spanx have a fantastic selection of jeans, from flares, to straight leg and wide leg, that have support and a flat front to give a smooth, neat, flattering look.
  • Eloquii's Gena fit jeans are cut for a fuller mid section and narrower hips and thighs, so they are literally MADE for an apple body shape.
  • Lee Sculpting Jeans are a fantastic fit on apple shapes.  Like Spanx, they have support that sculpts and smooths, and many of the jeans sport a flat front which is supper flattering across the tummy.
  • Mother denim is such fantastic quality, and always a great fit.  It has the perfect amount of stretch that feels comfortable whilst offering suppport.
  • Everlane is one of my favorite brands for apple shapes when I'm sourcing straight and wide leg jeans. They offer a wide range of sizes and the jeans often come in 3 different leg lengths.
  • Wit and Wisdom 'Ab-Solution' jeans are amazing!  They lift, smooth and sculpt, all while being super comfortable to wear.  They offer a range of classic style as well as a good selection of trend jeans.
  • Democracy also have a range of jeans that utilize Ab solution technology to give you and your tummy some support and shaping.  
  • Joes Jeans are always a great fit.  They have a great selection of flares, wide-leg, and boot-cut jeans in a range of rises and leg lengths. 
  • Madewell are one of my go-to's when shopping jeans for an apple shape.  I love their perfect vintage styles and their wide range of straight leg jeans.  And they offer Petite sizes, Plus sizes and Tall ranges so there's something to fit every body!
  • Levi's straight leg and wedgie fits are great for apple body shapes.  Particularly the Wedgie Jeans  which lift and shape the butt! And the Ribcage jeans which give your apple shape a little shape on the bottom half
  • NYDJ are the OG of the supportive denim.  They offer a great range of classics and on-trend jeans styles in a wide range of sizes from plus to petite

frequently asked questions about choosing jeans for an apple body shape

Below are some other questions I get asked about how choosing jeans for an apple body shape.  If you're question isn't answered here, ask me here

what are the best jeans to wear if you have a big stomach?

Jeans can be especially difficult to find in a good fit if you have a tummy. If jeans fit your tummy, they’re probably too large on your hips and thighs. And if they fit your hips and thighs, they'll be too tight around your waist, and dig in.

But there are a few styling tips and techniques you can utilize to find jeans that are both comfortable and look good when you have a tummy.

  • Avoid jeans with a low-mid rise. These will cut you across the middle and create a muffin top. They will also be ridiculously uncomfortable. A better option is to wear jeans with a high rise, as they will create a more defined waistline, lengthen your legs, and provide you with a little support to hold your tummy in.
  • Choose jeans that have a flat front. Zippers, hooks and buttons draw the eye to your tummy and add bulk across your belly. My favorite jeans with a flat front are these from Spanx and these from
  • Choose jeans that have support built in to them. My go-to jeans with support are these from Spanx and these from Wit and Wisdom
  • And go for dark washes. Dark colors recede and light colors come to the front, in clothing terms, this simply means that dark colors minimize and light colors enhance.

should apple shapes wear wide-leg jeans

Yes, apple shapes can totally wear wide-leg jeans...but whether you should or not depends on whether you like them! If you are an apple shape and you like the idea of wearing wide-leg jeans, go for it.

I regularly put my apple shaped clients in wide leg jeans because they add a little volume and shape to your bottom half, which balances your larger top half. They also typically fit an apple shape well!

Here are my favorite wide leg jeans for apple shaped women in 2023:

can an apple shape wear bell bottom jeans?

Apple shaped women look great in bell bottom jeans because they add a little volume below the knee that balances your larger top half, and creates a curvier silhouette.

If you’re a petite apple shaped women, make sure you choose bell bottom jeans with a high-rise to prevent the jeans from shortening you.

what are the best jeans for plus size apple shapes?

There are some great jeans for plus size apple shapes!  Here are some of my favorites:

CAn apple shapes wear high-waisted jeans?

High waisted jeans look great on an apple body shape - they elongate your legs, add definition to your waist, and support to your belly.

But, there are high-waisted jeans, and there are super-high waisted jeans, and if you have a short torso you will find that the super high-rise jeans are too long for you in the body so it’s worth experimenting with different rises to see which fits you the best.

What are the best madewell jeans for an apple shape?

Madewell have some fantastic jeans for an apple shape, it's one of my fave retailers to head to when I'm shopping for apple shaped clients.

Here are my top 10 Madewell jeans for an apple shape:

What are the best Levi's jeans for an apple shape?

Levi's is a great brand to shop for jeans for apple shapes, they offer jeans with support and sculpting which are particularly great if you have a little weight across your tummy.

These are my top 3 Levi's jeans for an apple shape


There are so many wonderful jeans that work for an apple body shape!  The key to choosing jeans that work for your apple body shape is to:

  • Choose jeans that have a high rise
  • Look for jeans that offer you some sort of support at the middle and create shape
  • Avoid curvy cut jeans
  • Choose jeans in a staight cut
  • And to look for jeans that will add a little volume and shape to your bottom half, to balance your top half.

Do these things and you will that shopping for jeans with an apple body shape is so much easier and a whole lot more fun!


dressing hanging up that look good on an apple body shape

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