8 Tips To Help You Build More Outfits With The Clothes You Have

​If you find yourself staring blankly into your closet trying to work out what to wear, and wishing someone would help you make outfits with the clothes you have, this post is for you!

I'm sharing 8 tips to help you build more outfits with the clothes you have​

And have created ​a download for you that has 20 ​outfit ideas ​to will help you be more creative with your clothes, so you start to wear more of what you have.

So, scroll on down and read my tips so you can start ​being more creative with the clothes you have, ​​​and stop saying you have nothing to wear!

8 Simple Tips To Help You Put Together New Outfits With Your Clothes



​Build your outfits around color

​Don’t get bogged down thinking about fabrics, occasions or shapes. Focus on color. It’s the easiest way to pull together an outfit that works. So, for example, if you have a skirt that you want to build an outfit around, take it over to your closet and pull out all the tops that match or compliment the color of the skirt. Once you’ve found them all, start trying them on with the skirt.


​Pair clothes you've never worn together

​Try pairing clothes that you’ve never worn together. If you’re someone who hangs their clothes in outfits this is especially important for you, as hanging clothes this way will be limiting how you wear them.


​Remove any labels you've given your clothes

​Don’t leave an item of clothing in the closet because it’s ‘too special’, or ‘too casual’. Remove those labels and free up your clothes to be worn anytime, anywhere. That favorite dress you’re saving for a special occasion could be dressed down for the weekend with sneakers and a leather jacket


​Don't save clothes for best

​Following on from the last point, don’t save things for best…what if ‘best’ never comes around? That favorite item of clothing you’ve been saving will never get worn! Screw that. Wear it now!


​Try on every possible combination

​This is really important. You need to try on every single combination…even the ones that you don’t think will work. Don’t rule anything out until you’ve tried it on to see if it works.


​Don't put pressure on yours​elf

​Following on from the last point…some combinations won’t work, but that’s OK. That’s part of the process. I’ve found some of my favorite looks by first creating some terrible ones. This exercise is an opportunity to experiment and try new looks. And if you’re stuck in lock down, you’ll have time to get used to wearing those new looks before anyone else sees them!


​Style up each piece

​You can’t just put clothes on and expect them to work perfectly together. Often, you’ll need to style them in order for them to sit well together. Knotting and tucking in are two of my go-to techniques. I often find that tucking a top into my waistband gives both me and the top a little more shape…as you can see in the picture below. And make sure you play around with the sleeves. Sometimes a simple cuff of a sleeve will transform the look and fit of a top.

8 Simple Tips To Help You Put Together New Outfits With Your Clothes

By turning up the cuffs of the hoodie and loosely tucking it in at the front, the outfit is much more flattering and stylish.


​Accessorize each outfit

​I know it’s tempting not to bother, but at a minimum you should be adding shoes to each outfit you try on. Shoes are what make an outfit. They play such an important role in the success of an outfit, that you could mistakenly think a look doesn’t work, when all it needed was different footwear. The bonus of accessorizing your outfits while you do this, is that if you discover you don’t have the right shoes, you have the time to find and buy them before you wear the outfit out.

I also think it’s worth accessorizing with belts and jewelry for the same reason – they often tie a look together, and polish it up.

8 Simple Tips To Help You Put Together New Outfits With Your Clothes

​In the first photo, it looks like the skirt and sweater don’t work, but all it needed was to tuck the sweater in, and swap the flat boots for a pair of pointy sock boots!

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