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October 16, 2023

If you identify as an hourglass shape who has some pear shape tendencies, this post is for you! I chatted to Nicole Davis from the Blog The Daily to find out how she adapts the trends to suit her shape, and which clothing styles she's found work best for her!  Nicole has the most fabulous curves and she highlights them SO well!  I can't wait for you to see her photos and read her tips.

Before we start, tell us a little about yourself

Hiya ! My name is a Nicole, I am a 33 year old Canadian residing in the UK with my husband and two pups. I’m a lover of neutrals, and minimally styled outfits. I believe that it doesn’t need to cost a fortune to look stylish, and love to inspire others how they can do it too.

Let's chat about your personal style. How has it evolved and what inspires you?

As I have aged, I definitely have become a practitioner of ‘less is more’. I think there is something so beautiful about styling a few items minimally… but yet they come off so impactfully.

Does your shape play a role in the pieces you choose to wear? Can you tell us a bit about that?

Yes, am always looking at how i can adapt current trends to fit my body type. Albeit i feel like my style can tend to be on more of the classic side then trendy side, i love to see how i can honor my shape, all whilst giving small nods to trends.

What advice would you give to someone who has a similar shape to you and is struggling with their style?

I love A line fits, as i feel like it accentuates my smaller waist, and can even make it look smaller than it is. But equally when I’m wanting to feel extra special, or heading out on a night out, there is just something about a minimal body-con dress.

*If you have a similar shape to Nicole and want to know what clothes work best for your shape, check out my Simple Guide To Dressing Your Shape.  It will show you exactly which clothes are the most and least flattering for your shape, so you can confidently shop for clothes that look good on you!*

"As I have aged, I definitely have become a practitioner of ‘less is more’. I think there is something so beautiful about styling a few items minimally"

How do you put your outfits together?

I will typically see an outfit I like or gain inspo from on Instagram. From there, I will then check out my favourite online retailers to see if they have them. We live in the day and age of being able to return things. Trying things on and seeing how they fit as well as complementing other items in your wardrobe… is such a beautiful thing!

What are your 3 wardrobe essentials?

  1. A great pair of mom jeans
  2. A classic white T
  3. A small clutch or WOC that you can wear when you are wearing a nice outfit on a night out

Do you have any favorite retailers or brands that you feel work really well for your shape?

Closet London has the most amazing dresses for my figure. However for other items it is still trial and error.

And lastly - Where can we find you online?

You can find me over on my blog,, my YouTube channel , or on Instagram  
You can also join my free online community for budding content creators and influencers to learn how they can get started in the industry themselves - Bloom & Tell

Want to recreate Nicoles's look?

Follow Nicole for more style, shopping and beauty tips! 

Nicole Davies

Nicole is 33 year old Canadian residing in the UK with her husband and two pups. She's a lover of neutrals and minimally styled outfits and believes that it doesn’t need to cost a fortune to look stylish!, She loves to inspire others how they can do it too via her blog, YouTube channel and Instagram account

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