8 important questions to ask a Personal Stylist before you hire them

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February 15, 2024

Hiring a Personal Stylist is a fantastic investment in yourself, they can remove the stress and worry from deciding what to wear, by showing you how to put outfits together that look good on you, so you can confidently build a collection of clothes you enjoy wearing!

They not only help you look great and feel confident, they make your life a little easier and free up some of your precious time so you can do more of the stuff you like doing!

A good Personal Stylist does all of that.  But a great Personal Stylist will guide you through that at a pace that works for you, and in the direction you want to go in, with confidence, empathy and a ton of knowledge. 

  • But how do you find a great Personal Stylist?
  • How do you find the right stylist for you, someone you feel comfortable with, who is talented without being intimidating?
  • And how do you make sure the Personal Stylist you choose to work with is the right fit for you?

You ask them these 8 important questions:

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This post shares everything you need to know about online personal styling, including how to choose the right online personal stylist for you, so you can start your journey to building a closet of clothes that makes you smile!

8 important questions to ask a personal stylist before you hire them


Who do they usually work with, and what sort of collections do they typically pull together?

Most Personal Stylists will have a particular demographic that they primarily work with, so ask them who their typical clients are, which shops they use, and what sort of collections they’ve sourced.  This will help you to get a feel for how much experience they’ve had working with women similar to you, or whether they align with your ethos.

I also recommend reading through some of their testimonials. Often these will be on their website, but if not, ask the stylist to send you some.  They not only give you an idea of how experienced the stylist is, but it will give you an insight into the process and the type of person they typically work with - whether they have similar frustrations to you that were helped. If not, then you might be wise to look for a different stylist who has experience working with other women like you.


What measures does the Personal Stylist have in place to ensure they understand your tastes and requirements?  How do they decide which clothes to put you in?

Over the past 17 years I’ve learned there’s a lot of work to do before I even begin sourcing a collection for a client.  I’ve developed a 3 step process that I regularly update and modify, that enables me to get an in-depth understanding of where my client is, where she wants to be, and how quickly I can get her there. It’s more collaborative than you might expect, but it’s an effective way to make sure that I’m not only taking my client on this journey at a pace that’s right for her, but that I’m taking her in the correct direction!


What happens if you don’t like the clothes they pick for you?

If the stylist has done their homework and asked you the right questions there will be far less of a chance that this will be an issue, but I do recommend that you ask them this question before you book in.

I can almost guarantee that they will have been asked this question many times before and that they will have a process in place to mitigate this happening, so ask them what that is - ask them what measures they have in place to help you effectively communicate what you want to achieve.  

As well as the in depth questionnaire that I ask all clients to fill in, I make a point keeping my client in the loop throughout the process – sharing a style mood board to illustrate the look and feel of the collection I'm proposing, informing the client of my proposed shopping list and regularly updating them on the progress.  I'm constantly confirming that my client and I are on the same page so I can make sure that I'm giving them the result they want!


What happens after you've purchased your collection?  Is there any sort of aftercare?

Things shouldn’t end once you’ve purchased your collection.

It’s likely that you’ll have a few questions over the following weeks, especially if you’re someone who struggles to put outfits together, so you’ll want to make sure the stylist is available to help you if you need a little extra guidance.  Aftercare is included in the price of all my services, but it isn’t with some stylists so check!


How much contact do you have with them, and how do you keep in touch?

Ask the personal stylist how much contact you will have with them through the process, and how you keep in touch.  

Depending on my clients preference I'll use a mix of email, Zoom, WhatsApp and Signal.  I also set up a google Drive folder so we have a space to store and share documents.  

The easier it is to communicate with the stylist, the better the experience and outcome will be.

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What is the process, from start to finish, and how much involvement do they expect from you?

Each Personal Stylist will have developed their own tried and true way of working so ask them what that is.  Ask them to go through the process with you, and check that what you need is covered or included.  Personal Stylists typically offer a range of services so make sure that what you want is included in the package you're asking about.  If it isn’t, ask them if it can be added.

I also recommend finding out how much input and effort they will need from you.


How long have they been styling?  And what experience and training do they have?

Experience is the most important thing.  The more women they style, the more shapes and sizes they'll be adapt at working with, and the better placed they will be to help you.  the learning never stops, even after 17 years of styling women all over the world, I’m still learning and developing my skills!  

Whilst not essential, it’s also beneficial if the stylist has had some sort of formal
 training.   There are fundamentals to understand that form a strong foundation for a Personal Stylist, and without them it will take a stylist longer to develop the skills they need to help you.  You don’t know what you don’t know so having some sort of training helps to fill in the blanks and makes the stylist better placed to help you.  This is especially useful if the stylist hasn’t been working for long as it fast tracks their skills!

Now those are the most important questions to ask a Personal Stylist before you hire them.  

But, I also recommend that you ask yourself a few questions, so you're ready to answer the questions I know they'll have for you...because they also need to find out if they're the right fit for YOU.

3 things to consider before you work with a personal stylist: 

Taking a few minutes to answer these three questions will ensure that you have all the information you need when you first engage with a personal stylist:


What has prompted you to consider hiring a Personal Stylist? 

  • Maybe you’re tired of being unhappy with your wardrobe
  • You can’t envision how to put pieces together nothing seems to ever match
  • You have a sense of what you like, but you can’t find the right fit
  • You waste so much money buying clothes that you don’t feel good in
  • Or you have too many clothes in your wardrobe that you don't like wearing


Why do you want to hire a Personal Stylist? What is it that you want help with?

It could be anything from:

  • Not knowing what works for you 
  • Or not knowing what your style is
  • To having a good idea what works for you and what you want to look like, but not being able to find it in store.  

Have a really good think about what help you need from the Personal Stylist as it will help you both to reach your end goal!


And how much time and effort are you willing to spend working with a Personal Stylist?

Rather like purchasing an online course or self-help book - simply making the purchase won’t help
you, you need to do some work to get the results you’re looking for.  

A personal stylist can 100% give you the wardrobe you dream off, but they can’t do it without your input, so you need to expect that there will be some ‘homework’ for you to do before the stylist can start working on your collection.

So there you have it, the most important questions to ask yourself and to ask a Personal Stylist to help you find the best Personal Stylist for you.

If I've missed anything, comment below of contact me here and I'll add it to the list.

And if you need any help with your closet or style, let me know, I'm here to help!

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